“I’m just a sweet transvestite
from Transexual Transylvania………”

I mentioned this movie earlier to Ulrik and now it’s stuck in my head. The whole movie!! I can’t say what he thought of the movie or else he might be shunned from my family……

On the Friday after Thanksgiving everyone…….well not everyone…..came over and watched Rocky Horror Picture Show. Candy, mom and me rocked!! We did all(the ones we could remember) of the audience participation. Some we aren’t allowed to say. I have to say that I miss the Tribute show alot. I miss Riff Raff! I just want to hear him sing one more time!! That was soooo good.

Anywho….after the movie we played “Psychiatrist.” And before you go off and think we were playing “doctor,” let me just say that my mom was there!! The first time everyone’s problem was that they were the person to the left of them. And Ulrik was to the right of me so he was pretending to be me. Following? During the game mom, I think, asked him (and he was actually me) if he had any mental illness’. And he said yes!!! I don’t remember exactly what I did but I thought it was funny afterwards. I remember asking him if he thought I did have a mental illness! Mom didn’t really get the game. She thought we actually had “problems!”

Today is Danielle’s birthday. That’s all I have to say about that. That and there will be no alcohol Danielle, so if your reading this……don’t worry! Or should you worry??? I’m sure I’ll have more to write tomorrow…………..

I’m soooooo extremely tired. This week has been crazy and it should be the last week of craziness!! Hopefully. The play starts on Sunday and that’s awesome. I swear I do have like ten people coming……Um……mom and dad, Ulrik, Adam and Danielle…..Candy and Nils……Wow, seemed like a lot more. Anywho. I can’t wait for it to start. We practiced with our mikes last time and tomorrow morning is our dress rehearsal. I’m really really excited about that. I can’t wait to try on my outfit. I’m wearing my black sexy sexy pants (Sarah called them that…..I don’t walk around calling them that!!). I’m wearing this long sleeve red shirt (that’s brand new) and a jacket like thingy that’s greenish and has a red line it kinda…..(it’s also new too!). I think I’m just wearing black socks and no shoes. Unless I find something between now and tomorrow morning. Which I doubt I will. Sarah said I could go shoeless and I think I will!! As long as I don’t go shirtless!!

Tomorrow night I’m going to watch some friends of Ulriks in Leesburg? I can’t remember where……it seems like it’s far away. Anywho….this one friend, James, is in a band. And there performing. So I think that’s cool. I’ve heard two of there songs I think. Well, I mean I know I’ve heard two of there songs. I don’t think I’ve heard more than that. Oh, and I’ve seen a music video they did. So I guess I’ve three songs. Holy cow. I can’t get it right.

On Sunday I’m going to be wearing a skirt. Isn’t that crazy? It’s not really, but it’s the first time I’ve work one while playing my bass. I just find it funny I guess. I don’t know why at all!! It’s kinda stupid to be writing about……while am I still writing about it???
I’ll end it here then. I love you ALL


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