“I’ll praise you in this storm.
And I will lift my hands,
For you are who you are.
No matter where I am.”

I’m listening to it while I type. This week has been crazy. Judy’s dad is coming in as we speak (as I write) and Bobby’s brother is coming down tomorrow. Holy cow. It’s crazy. I don’t know what other word to say. Or words to describe the craziness that’s been going on. Getting everything ready is blah. But we’ve had our “breaks!”
I told Sarah once that since Bobby and me don’t smoke and take smoking breaks we take “PS2 breaks.” We’ve been playing this game Black which were tyring to beat on Black Ops which is the hardest level it has. Anywho……..we decided to switch games yesterday. Bobby got out Starsky and Hutch! He drives while I shoot!! Hilarious. We were cracking up….. in between him yelling at me to shoot straight and me yelling at him to drive straight!!! Definately had a good time.

Went to Ulriks last night. Looked at some photos. I have to say it was great. Just reading through what other people wrote about him. And let me tell you……no boys wrote in his yearbooks! (Ok, maybe one.) But all the girls wrote things like “Your such a sweet guy,” “Your such a nice guy.” Stuff like that. It was sweet! And nice! Fun times. Then we watched some old Three Stooges videos online he had downloaded. He thinks there hilarious. It was fun seeing him laugh that hard! I didn’t find them as funny as he did but that’s ok.

Tonight is play practice and it’s coming down to it. Only a few more practices left. I’m soooo excited.
I’m gonna go. I just found out that Ulriks mom is going to come to our house for Thanksgiving and that makes me super excited!! I love you ALL


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