“I said: what about Breakfast at Tiffany’s?
And she said: I think I remember the film

This used to be my favorite song. When it came out. It kinda just popped into my head. Now the lullaby song is in my head. “I’ll sing to you a lullaby.” I love that guys voice. So nice to listen to.

Did I write about my guitar drama? If I didn’t, and I can’ remember right now, I will give you the cliff notes version: Played Sunday, feddbacky noise my fault, bolt loose on the inside. There ya go. So I was telling Ulrik(Rick) about it and he said to bring it over. So on Wednesday night I brought my baby over there and he had bought me new strings and he set about tearing my guitar apart. Just kidding. He did have to take pieces off but so would’ve anybody. So he did it perfectly. Since I have new strings I apparently have to re-tune every freakin’ day!! But isn’t that amazing?

Thursday night practice was good. We knew all the songs. I had mom help me tune in the morning before I left but we still had to stop during the songs and tune again. It wasn’t frustrating or anything. Everyone was cool with it. I’m in a new spot on stage which is exciting. I’m kinda in the middle next to the drums. I’m excited about it because now if anybody comes to church with me they can actually see ME and not the tree I stood behind!! Not that that’s why people come to the church…..I know.

So Thursday night I think it was mom asked if me and Ulrik were boyfriend/girlfriend. I was like we haven’t even been out on two dates. Though I will say that it feels like we have. She was like, well you’ve been over to his house so I think that bumps your relationship status up. (She didn’t say it as cool as I just wrote it. Trying to make mama T sound cool!) So, I don’t know if we are or not. I’m going to ask tonight. Is that in itself stupid to do? It’s not, right? People other than jr. highers ask, right? Well if not than oh well.

I’m excited about tonight. I was telling Sarah I was thinking about it (tonight and Ulrik) and I sighed. She laughed and laughed. It was more giggling than laughing but anywho you get the point.
I’m going to end it here. I should be trying to figure out the stupid printer but I’m slacking off right now. I love you ALL


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