“Jesus,  bring the rain.”

This is by MercyMe. I heard it on Z88.3 this morning. I really like it. What song has MercyMe came out with that wasn’t a hit? So, the radio stations do get a little over zealous in playing them. If I hear I can Only Imagine again I’ll scream. I swear they play it all the time. ALL THE TIME! Anywho…..dragging that out there a bit.

Tent day was awesome at church. I had a really great time. Most of it anyways. I got up extra early so I could be there at seven thirty. I made it in time and I went right on out to the stage and set up my bass. I noticed my screw was loose and I tried tightening it. Helped get things ready…..wrote numbers on tickets. Joy to the World. 250 of them. That’s right. My poor little fingers. While I was writing this one guy came up and he’s kinda slow (or something) and he would not stop talking to me. Lucky Sarah got away from him but then he started pestering me. My goodness!! Finally he left and this girl, Samantha?, came over and said she was just coming over to save me from him!! She’s soooo sweet.

Playing was good but right at the beginning the sound guy came up to change my chord since I was making a “noise.” Well, he just ended up tightening the screw and didn’t change the chord. So, there was some tense moments up there because I would hear a noise and think it was my bass making it. Which I don’t think it was my fault 100% of the time. So when I sat down I was frustrated because I thought I was horrible. Turns out people could actually hear me this Sunday. That’s good.

So now this Wednesday I’m taking it to be fixed…..hopefully. Rick, or Ulrik (can’t decide which one I like better) said he can fix it. So we shall see……..I trust he can. He’s really smart. And were going on another date. So…..

I’m going to end it here. I love you ALL


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