Today quote comes from a traditional Christmas song, I’m putting up today because were singing it in our Christmas play. And dancing to it.

“Joy to the World………the Lord is come.”

That’s right, you read it right. I will be dancing, yes dancing, in the Christmas play. If that’s not reason enough to come see me in it than you are one strange little person and you have my pity! It’s funny because it’s just the “teenagers” and me and Sarah dancing and she’ll say ok teenagers and Holly get up on stage and let’s try it again!! It’s funny. I keep telling her it’s really ok with me if she just says teenagers. I’ll go in that category. Sure.

So, the dance is actually going really well. We finished learning it last night and that rocked! We went through the whole play and I got all my lines except one!! And it was such an easy one and I knew it was my turn to speak but I just looked at Sarah with, I’m sure, the dumbest expression on my face! I got the line and said it and everything was hunky dory after that. Well, with me. A few people forgot their lines. And it confuses me because this one person has lesser lines than me(how did that happen?) and they keep on forgeting this one line. I think it’s kinda funny, but anywho…..

Celebration Sunday is this weekend. Our church will have a huge tent outside and after service, only one, we’re going to have catered BBQ. I cannot wait. Me and mom and dad all went last year and had a really good time. I’m going to be playing bass so I’m excited about that. Oh man, I just remembered something. This past Sunday we didn’t have a piano player so it was just me, DJ on drums, Nicole on bongos, and Nick or Chris(no. That’s what I want to call him but I think it’s Nick) playing guitar. Well Anna always tells me to play louder and she told me to turn my Aviom down so I can’t hear myself as loud and it will force me to play louder. So I turned myself down I couldn’t hear myself. I was playing louder than I’d ever played. Felt really good about it. Monday Sarah calls me and she was asking me if I was playing loud and I was like, yeah. Loudest I’ve ever played. And she told me that nobody could hear me at all. I was so bummed! So I think it’s a sound guys problem now. Not mine.

I’m really tired right now. I stayed up late talking with a friend and didn’t get home till midnight and then I had to wake up at four forty five to be at Bobby’s house at five thirty to take him to the airport. So I am ready to drop already!!! I’m gonna end it here. I love you ALL
PS I’m going to see American Gangster Katie. If I see you there: Your goin’ down!


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  1. Don’t worry. I won’t be there. I already saw it. Its really good. You’ll like it. And besides I’m going to a football game Friday to see my team. My birthday is Saturday btw!!!

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