“I feel pretty. I feel pretty and witty and gay!” (the happy gay not gay gay!)

The movie title just went out of my head. Where did it go…..um. Sharks and Jets……Um……West Side Story. Holy cow that was some sadness. I’m such a blonde! Duh!!

So I texted a couple people with the news so here’s to the rest of you: I have a date on Friday. Woo-hoo! Start the music, bring on the noisemakers. Light the fires. (oh that so reminded me of that song “Light the Fire…remember Nils?) Anywho…..going to the movies. That’s all I’m going to say because if there is anybody I know there (Adam!!! MOM!!!!) I’m going to die. Probaly right there.

See, I told mom and dad yesterday. Not before telling mom……and I told John(who also went out!!!). Last night Adam called to discuss Thanksgiving plans. (They might be going to Lehigh or they might be here……Grandma and Grandpa might be coming up here…..not sure. But it’s all good.) So I’m on the phone with Adam and mom comes up and says “Holly has a date!” So then Adam has to do the “big brother” thing and question me endlessly about it. Question after question. How old is he? Is he a Christian? Where does he work? Is he nice? Where are you going? (And like an idiot I answer them all!) Next question? What are you going to see? (Again, blondeness comes into play and I tell him.) What time are you going?? (I still haven’t caught on!) So then a little later in the conversation he says well were coming down on Friday and I was excited. I was like yeah!!! Then he was like yeah, we’ll see you at the movies. Then it all came to me! I was like whatever, you can’t come. And if you “happen” to show up, I’ll take you down. Which we all know is a fake and very unaeffective lie. So…..

How we met: (Candace wanted to know everything and I said I would blog it) I joined a Christian singles group. Old news. They go on outings and do different things each week. So this past Saturday they went on a day trip to Cedar Key. Never even knew it existed. So some of us met up at Mall at Millenia so we could drive together. I got there last (but not late) and we left shortly after. Charles, Barbi, Rick and me. Charles’ brother just moved down to Florida and ,Charles thought, close to Cedar Key. (Turns out he lives very far away.) So Charles drove and since Barbi knew where we were going she rode with him. I ended up riding with Rick. (That’s his name by the way.)

The trip is two and a half hours. And I rode with Rick both ways. Learned a lot about him. He’s a nice guy. So that was how we met and on the ride back we were talking about new movies coming out and I said I couldn’t wait to see …….man I almost wrote it. Almost. Anywho…he said he wanted to see that too and then proceded to ask me if I wanted to see that with him. I of course said yes, or we wouldn’t be having this blog!

That’s all I’ll write about it for now. I will definately write more later. You can count on it.
I love you ALL


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