“Well you got caught with a flat, how bout that? Now babies, don’t you worry.”

Me and mom have been working on the garage maze quite a bit these past two nights and our music of choice is of couse my Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack! Over and over and over again. If I didn’t have it memorized before I do now. Well, actually, there is one part in this one song that messes me up every time. It’s when Janet starts singing: “In the Velvet darkness….” I keep want to say Velvet hour….and then if I think it’s velvet darkness I’ll talk myself out of it and sing velvet hour. Craziness, I know!

So, the maze is pretty much complete. Two more braces have to be drilled into place but other that that I think were set. The maze is going to be awesome!! We have John coming along with Nils and Matt. Candy is of course coming down and Adam is coming too. Were going to miss Danielle, but someone has to work in their family!!JK. We got way way too many boxes. If you read my last post you know all about the cardboard box issue, well, now it’s an issue that we have too many!! Anybody need any??

Dad has to work tonight and that’s a bummer because he was going to dress up like Dog the Bounty Hunter!! And mom was going to dress up like Beth!!!!! If you have no idea what I’m talking about you need to go to his website (I’m sure he has one) and see what they both look like. It would’ve been hilarious. Mom may have scared some kids away though. She still may!! Hee, hee. My costume, amazingly, has been done for weeks. Go mom!! I’m going to be the corpse bride. I won’t look exactly like her but similar. How bout that? Close enough is good enough!

I can’t believe tonight is Halloween night. Trick or Treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat! I love you ALL


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