“Well, I’m just 7 hours old, and truly magnificent to behold.”

Mom has had this song stuck in her head all weekend and therefore it has been stuck in my head. All weekend! Holy Cow, will the insanity ever stop? Now, for those of you who have no idea what song this is from, let me tell you that you probaly won’t ever see the movie it’s in. I can’t recall the name of the song. I’ll have to look once I get home now but the movie it’s from is: The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Rocky sings this at the end during the “floor show.”

Since we’ve seen the tribute show so many times mom has had to watch the actual movie to remember it. Now she has become addicted, what those in the Rocky Horror Picture Show world like to call “freaks!” She is one of them. She is actually starting to like the tribute show people better too. I mean, I know RiffRaff in the tribute show is way way way better. No one can hit the note like him! But now mom is saying the Tim Curry is better at the tribute show. That is treason!! How dare you mom! Anywho……

Halloween Horror Nights was way lame this year. WAY LAME! The best part of it was the tribute show. Seriously. So if you don’t like Rocky Horror, then you wouldn’t like HHN this year. That’s just the way it is. My favorite house this year was Dead Silence (I have to see the movie now.). It was awesome. Second was definately Vampyr. That was good. I’ve been slammed into the wall in both of those houses! Thank you so much Candace.

So this Wednesday is Halloween. I can’t wait. Were way behind but it’s all good.

We got cardboard boxes last night at FCC. That’s First Christian Church, not FCC. Me and mom helped at the Harvest Hoedown. I wasn’t going to but dad had to work and I took his place. Kinda boring. Not gonna lie. I was at the “Pluck a duck” in the little kids section. Oh the joy. I actually had more break time than mom did at the bounce house!! Anywho….about the cardboard. They had a maze with fridge boxes and other types. So we asked Eric if we could haul them home and he said sure. So afterwards were tearing boxes apart and this lady comes over and asks if she can have a fridge box and mom says: We are taking all these boxes!! She says it loudly too. But the guy who’s helping rip boxes says: Yeah, anyone who wants the boxes can take them. To which mom says: We already asked Eric if we could have them and he says we could. Now this goes on for a little bit. This guy is telling the whol crowd (not really) to take a box and my mom keeps on repeating how Eric said we could have the boxes.

Long story short we end up with ALL the boxes in the back of the truck!! Oh yeah. Rock on!!
Interesting point last night: Eric was on the news. Channel 2 was doing something on trick or treaking and they showed up and I saw Eric on the news. It wasn’t till eleven that he was on but I saw him and I’m sure if you looked really close to the screen you could see me and mo standing in the background. Mom wanted to walk behind him and wave!! I held her back…..

Gonna go. I love you ALL


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