“A baby.”

This is my major line in the Christmas play at my church. Ok, maybe not the major-est, but close. I say “baby” six times I think. Were obviously talking about Jesus when he’s born but I keep on repeating this like a retard. Ok, maybe not a retard, but I feel like it. It’s actually a funny play. Everyone who’s reading this had better come and see me in it!!! I’m serious.

Practice is tomorrow night and that should be fun. Were supposed to have all of our lines memorized and I do pretty much but it’s getting them in at the right time! I’ve only practiced twice!! I’m good, aren’t I? I’m a genius. Truly a genius. I’ll get it. I will.

Halloween is coming up. I really cannot wait. We haven’t started measuring the garage or anything. You might be asking yourselves what for? Why the heck are you measuring you garage? Well, for all the real retards that don’t know anything, we make a haunted house every year. I say every year and by that I mean for the past two years! We all have so much fun….has it only been two years? Or three? Now I can’t remember. Anywho….we have fun with it. We jump out and scare kids and all that. But we have to measure the garage so we can make the frame of the maze. I can’t wait.

Mom finished m costume like three weeks ago. Yeah for mommy!! DANIELLE WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO BE??? Other than Danielle!!!!!!! I think everyone knows what they are going to be. I think.
I gotta go…..ADHD’s kicking in. Gotta move. I love you ALL


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