“It’s just a jump to the left……
and then a step to the right….
Place your hands on your hips…
Bring your knee’s in tight…
It’s the pelvic thrust…
That really throws you insaaaan.

Going to Halloween Horror Nights again tonight. I’ve missed it. Mom and me haven’t gone every time we could’ve. We’ve only been going when Candy can come with us. Aren’t we nice?? Actually, it’s just funnier when Candy comes because mom wants to scare Candy and then Candy wants to ride piggy back!! It’s very funny. And waiting in line……watch out for the finger! (That sounds really bad and weird, but rest assured it’s not either! It’s just mean!)

Bought Transformers yesterday…or Tuesday. Whenever it came out. In the special two disc transformer case. Awesome blossom!! It’s really cool. I transformed it and I was moving him around. I turned it on for Yazmine to watch so she could leave me alone. Isn’t that mean?

I found this awesome music channel on tv the other day. I turned to what I thought was top forty. Well, I’m listening to it and listening to it and they keep playing these really great songs but some of them are kinda old. From the eighties and early nineties. I go look at the tv to see what it says and it says ADULT TOP 40. I was kind of in shock because I was listening to an “adult” station. It was just funny.

My phone has a voice recorder on it and occassionally I’ll say something so I’ll remember it later. Before auditions I was singing into my phone so I could hear how I sounded. Well, the other day I thought of something to say so I recorded it. I don’t remember why or where I was when I recorded this, but I was thinking about our Christian faith. What I said was that our faith is kinda like a stick shift car. Getting the car is like when you first become a Christian, and your just learning how to use it. You have to remember to keep your foot on the clutch as you switch gears. You have to slowly release the clutch as you press the gas………just right. Kinda like you have to remember to read your bible and pray and then you have to release your past life as you embrace your future (and present) one with God.

Kind of deep, I know. Anywho….it brought me to remembering when I went to Venezuela. For a few days before we left we went to “training camp” in Florida. There were groups going to Peru, Africa, PA, and Venezuela along with some others I can’t remember right now. There was this one guy, really tall, who’s name was Bungee. Seriously. That was his real name. (Strange fact about Bungee: Hair did not grow under his arms!) Well, anywhoo. He could think of an anology about faith with anything. We went to the beach one day and we were swimming too close to the pier. The lifeguard was blowing her whistle and blowing while we kept on swimming. We thought she was talking to someone else. Turns out it was us that she was talking to so we moved over. Bungee said that it was kind of like when God tells us to move away from something, we don’t want to. Or we think he’s talking to someone else and not about us.

Thought it was awesome. Felt the need to share. I love you ALL


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