“Lord of all creation. Of water, earth and sky. Heavens are your tabernacle. Glory to the Lord on high.
God of Wonders beyond our galaxy. You are Holy. Holy. The Universe declares you majesty. You are Holy, Holy.
Lord of heaven and Earth……Lord of Heaven and earth.
Early in the morning, I will celebrate the life. When I stumble in the darkness, I will call your name by night. God of Wonders beyond our galaxy.You are Holy, Holy. The Universe declares your majesty. You are Holy, Holy.
Lord of heaven and Earth……Lord of heaven and earth.
Hallelujah to the Lord of heaven and earth
Hallelujah to the Lord of heaven and earth
Holy, Holy…….
Precious Lord, reveal your heart to me.
You are Holy, Holy……”

Today has been crazy. Emotionally and mentally. Very straining.
At a little after three the dog got cold and started shivering. It was sleeping right next to me so when she would shake I would feel it and it woke me up. I tried warming her up but she kept on so finally I gave up and rolled over to my side and put the covers over my ear. As soon as I did I heard “Hello!” I pushed the covers back sooo quickly. It sounded like it had come from inside my room. I got out of bed, looked around; even out the window. I got back in bed, telling myself I made it up and I got all snuggly in the covers when my phone went off.

One of my friends was calling me and when I answered, they didn’t talk. I said hello until finally I said “are you drunk?” I said their name and they said “my names not ……., It’s darkness.” I knew right away that they were possesed. I asked if they were alright, and “darkness” just laughed. It was a different voice. I said “in the name of Jesus leave their body Satan.” They just laughed and said I’m not Satan. I asked what their name was and he said it was Darkness. So as I’m saying “leave his body Darkness,” Darkness was laughing at me and told me to “pray little girl, pray.” I kept on repeating myself and repeating myself.
Darkness finally said that his name wasn’t Darkness, it was something else. I told them to get out of his body. They said I wasn’t ready for this; I “wasn’t prepared.” They said I had abandoned them and they knew all that was in my heart.
I told them that Jesus was in my heart and that’s all I needed and that’s all they needed. Over, and over again I said this and they just kept on laughing and telling me I couldn’t save them. Then they said that they wondered if a few of my friends (who were on their way to them) would be able to save their soul. They told me to go ahead and cry my tears, even though I wasn’t crying.
All of a sudden they stopped talking, and laughing and I started praying over the phone: “Lord send your angels. Protect them.” Over and over again.

I finally hung up and called someone and I went over to their house. I told mom what was happening and she started praying. We waited and waited for a phone call from someone. Finally at around six thirty they called and said that they had tried talking to them but they had gotten in their car and driven away. So far, noone’s heard from them and I’m praying that they are asleep, safe at home. I’m praying that at least. So PLEASE PRAY. For them, for everyone dealing with that issue.

So, I have had little sleep. I have been crying almost non stop. Everytime I think about it. It will be rough tonight. Mom asked if I was going to be grumpy and tired tonight at Halloween Horror Nights. I just gave her a “look.” I’ll be tired, but how can I be grumpy at HHN?? (I can…..I’m just saying…..)
I love you ALL….everyone one.


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  1. I’m a little confused. One of your friends called you but it wasn’t your friend it was your demon possessed friend? And they said that more of your friends were on their way to where?

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