“Barry dropped me!”

This is from Strictly Ballroom. A great movie from Australia. Thank you mates! Got it from NetFlix and I had to watch it by myself because mom and dad watch everything without me and they wanted to send it back so I had to watch it. I loved it. It was pretty funny. The first fifteen minutes are hilarious. With the mom crying about what her son’s done….come to find out he made up some fancy footwork on the dance floor. Funny. You have to see it to get it I geuss.

But anywho…..the main charachter’s dance partner leaves him because she doesn’t like the footwork and she goes on to dance with the biggest guy in dance their is. But he ends up dropping her for another girl. And that’s what she screams at the competition, I think. Again, funny.

Me and mom have now been to Halloween Horror Nights three times. The first two times we only got through five houses and three shows. Candace, mom and John went last night (I met up with them later since I had band practice) but all in all they went through six houses and two shows!

I missed going through the houses with Candy. Mom is fun, but Candy is funner!!! I always go first through the houses. Always! And mom was hanging on my shirt through the first house. Someone jumped out and scared her she’d pull my shirt up. Someone else would scare her and she’d pull my shirt up further! On and on. Second house she grabbed my belt loops. I think you can guess what happened. No, she didn’t break my pants. She gave me a huge wedgy!

Now, with Candace she hangs on to my arms. The first house I go through with her she’s pushing my forward and the people in front of us are going sooo slow. I’m locking my feet down to hold her pressure!! This one time this guy came out of nowhere and she lifted me up and threw me against the wall. (Small exageration there.) I was telling mom later that it was like in RocketMan where he says mom’s have super strength. That’s what Candy had. She literally threw me against the wall!! I have the bruise to prove it. But it was hilarious. I wouldn’t trade my bruise for anything!! Maybe a million dollars…..maybe less….

When we went through the Dead Silence house she did something else that was funny. I’ve never seen the movie but apparently it’s about puppets and their psycho maker. Some crazy old lady. She cuts out tongues or something.Anywho…They have people dressed as her everywhere. Near the end your going through a hallway and up ahead is a small room where you turn left. But on the wall ahead you see her. You think she’s going to come right at you but it’s actually a mirror!!! And she’s right beside you!! I tried telling Candy this but when your scared to death you don’t hear much apparently. Anywho, I’m trying to turn the corner when out pops Mary Shaw!! Candy tries to run ahead and jump at the same time. So she ended up kneeing me in the butt instead of jumping on my back!!! Hilarious. Good times. I can’t wait till next week.

But I didn’t even mention the best part of the whole night: The Rocky Horror Picture Show Tribute Show! Hot guys. Hot Hot guys!! The Tim Curry look alike was amazing. Those legs!! That corset!! Oh my gosh. We all jumped up and did the time warp. Everyone except John, who’s a RHPS virgin. Hilarious. H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S!!!! Me and Candy were singing to every song much to the dismay of the people in front of us!!
So that’s it for now. I love you ALL


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