“I’m Mike Rowe, and this is Dirty Jobs.”

I am in love with Mike Rowe. Can I get an amen?? He is sooooo hot aaaaannnd he doesn’t where a wedding ring. So I think I have found my soul mate!! Yeah, sure. He’s funny. I love watching Dirty jobs. Did you guys see the one where they went on a cruise?? That was awesome and I’ve only seen half of it. Danielle and Adam saw the whole thing and Adam just told me tonight that it was just on again!! I want like the season of it. If they have a season on DVD. Or all the seasons? What are they called? Anywho….I love him and his show.

I wrote out this whole list of things to write a blog about and I left it in my bible which I left at church. I can’t believe I left my bible at church. I played bass today and I put it in my case and grabbed my back pack of sheet music and guitar stand. And I walked out of church. Right out of church and didn’t even think about grabbing my bible. It was funny walking out of church because it was soooo windy. My guitar case (my big coffin case) was flying away from me. I was trying to hold it and walk to my car at the same time. So I left my bible there.

One of the things I remember on the list was the Jena 6 story. I am sooo sick of hearing of this already. And it’s not even been on news that much. I watched this video a couple weeks ago; probaly three, about the Jena 6. It was on myspace and there was just this one guy talking about how you (the viewer) should call your local station and have them put the story on. I didn’t think much of it. They said this had happened months ago; like in January. Now, here’s the story as I’ve learned it. (I could be wrong….but this is what I’ve heard.) Some school in Lousiana had some black kids go to the principal and ask if they could sit under a “white” tree. So the next day there was a couple nooses hanging from the “white” tree. One, or two kids (apparently white) are reprimanded for a “prank” as they call it.

Then, to my understanding, a black kid goes to a party and some white kids beat him up. (Now they have determined that this beating and the nooses have nothing to do with each other. Don’t ask me how but that is what CNN has said.) They have never said how bad his beating was, other than the black kid has to go to the hospital. The white kids are charged, I believe, with assault or something like it. A few days? weeks? later six black kids beat up a white boy and he has to go to the hospital. (I’ve seen the pictures and it doesn’t look pretty.) The black kids were beating him with their shoes, the news said. So they were charged with attempted murder. And now we are at present day and the trial is still in waiting.

It’s bothering the crap out of me because I’m sick of all the black people getting on the news and being like this is such a race issue. It sounds to me like it’s a couple of kids having a few issues. How typical. But every black person has to bring up race. Why is that?? I’m not racist. I’m really not……but…….it bothers me how black people have to bring up race with everything. And they always say, well, if you were black then you would understand. Whatever. It’s time to move on with your life. Move on……Just do it!! Do you think we still have issues with England?? Gosh, it kills me.

Let’s see, another thing I wrote down was, um, oh yeah; bible study. I’ve joined a bible study with church. A small group. It’s at the ministers house. He’s the leader with his wife. He said I was going to be the youngest person in their group. It’s doesn’t bother me. Not really. Too bad there’s not a singles group!! Hee, hee.
Well, I’m extremely tired and now mom and Danielle and Adam want to play cards. You know what? I hate work. I hate it, hate it, hate it!! But anywho. I love you ALL


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