“Stacie’s mom has got it going on…..”

This song is sooooo stuck in my head. I don’t know why. Well, I guess I do. I was checking my WAYN site ( http://www.member.wayn/heidichic ) and under favorite song I have that song listed. So…..the question is answered. Exciting stuff here.

Let’s see…I haven’t written in awhile. Saturday night me, mom, dad, Adam, Danielle, Candace and Nils went out to dinner. Talk about weirdness for me!! Seventh wheel. Wow. Who would’ve thunked it? It wasn’t awkward or anything. Nils is part of the family anyways. And he’s coming for Halloween again which makes him the best!!

I joined the choir at church, which isn’t new, but now I’m going to be in the Christmas play that the church is putting on. Auditions were crazy. I’ve never auditioned for anything like that before. I had to pick a song and a monologue (but I just found that out when I got there!!). I had Circle of Friends memorized so I brought that and they had a sheet to read from so I was good. I read first and then sang. The reading was easy. They said I showed the most enthusiasm. (Candy told me that’s like saying you have a great personality!) Then the singing came and I was sooo nervous that right up until the note started where your supposed to start singing I couldn’t think of the words to the song!! I remembered them and I sang it but I was horrible. At least to me. When I would look at my hand holding the microphone it was shaking! They said I did ok, which I took as ohmygosh what was she thinking?? Doesn’t matter though because I made it! And tonight is the first “table reading.” Looking forward to it.

Our church is starting small groups and I’ve been struggling with whether or not to join one since I’m soooo busy right now. On Wednesday nights I have choir practice and Tuesday nights are going to be for drama and when I play bass I have practice on Thursday nights. So my only nights open are Monday and Friday. I don’t want to do anything on Friday nights. So I have Monday night open. There’s only one group that meets late enough for me and that’s Anna and Marks. (preacher and his wife) So I signed up to go but it’s going to be crazy. I hope it all works out good. I think I’m the only “single” person there. A bunch of married couples. (I looked for a single group!! But nothing. )

Not sure the big move is going to happen. Judy is soooo unhappy with that job that I think she wants to quit. She certainly doesn’t want to move out there to be close to it. So the other day she went to a job interview in Orlando but she said that it was just a practice interview. Bobby told her to keep her options open, not to just throw that oppurtunity away. I guess we’ll see what happens with that. I think I’m kinda glad that were not moving. I was way excited in the begining but I’ve changed my mind a little since then. I’m just a commitment-phobe!

Anywho…..I love you ALL


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