“I’ll tell you what I want. What I really really want.”

On the way home from work today I heard this song on the radio. 105.1. Love that station sometimes. It brought back memories. It was funny, though, because I remembered the words to that song. Almost all of them. Crazy. Then, like a minute or two later a Killers song came on; Mr. Brightside. I couldn’t think of the words for the life of me. I was singing “Somebody called me……..I had a girlfriend……looked like a….. It was sad.

Did anybody watch the Emmy’s last night?? Me and mom watched part of them and then we switched to Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. The people were cops and the wife was in a wheelchair. I thought the house was nice but the counters were all short. That’s stupid for everyone else in the house. I mean, yeah, the handicapped girl can cook but noone else can now. How dumb is that??
Anywhoo…..the Emmy’s. When Ray Ramono was bleeped they showed the ceiling of the auditorium. WHY?!?!? Me and mom didn’t know what the heck was going on. Only until mom listened to the radio this morning did we find out that he had cussed and that was their way of not showing it. Yeah, that was great! What a bunch of crap!!

I have one more DVD disc of the Hills to watch before I finish the second season. Oh the joy. I can’t wait because then I can watch different DVD’s. I love you ALL


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