“Your singing too high at that part.”
“You aren’t doing that right.”

These were said a couple of Wednesdays ago at choir practice by an annoying lady. Let me start at the begining of this whole little story. (Not that much to tell anyway.) I am going to choir practice again which is, I don’t want to say difficult, but it’s kinda nerve wracking. Mainly because I don’t want to sound bad and have someone tell me in front of everyone that I sound bad. Get it? Got it. Good. So I sing sort of softly because of that. I blame MOM (Yes you read that right; you have messed up my life!!!!!). All those years of saying or telling me that I couldn’t sing. Or if I wasn’t told that then it was always Candy is the singer in the family……anywho; getting off subject.

I was singing softly, and sometimes, not at all during this difficult song we were practising. This lady was sitting next to me, I think her name is Joy. Don’t remember, don’t care. (Isn’t that mean?) She sings alto too, or so she says. Her voice is sooooo loud and I can only hear her. Noone else. At this one point in the song I quit singing because it goes really high and I don’t want to sound bad. So I stopped singing and at the end of the song this lady, Joy or whatever, leans over to me and points to part where I stopped singing, and she tells me that I sang way too high for that part. I needed to go lower there. I just kinda looked at her and stared. Didn’t say anything at all, just looked. So every practice I try to sit away from her. Partly for that and partly because I can’t sing alto when she sits next to me.

So tonight at choir I’m sitting next to Elizabeth, who’s a soprano, and Joy walks in and pretty much tells Elizabeth that she needs to move to where the sopranos are singing. So she sits right next to me and that bothers me. In this song we were singing she would switch from soprano to alto during the song!! OHMYGOSH!!

I have to go right now because Nascar Primetime is on!!!
I love you ALL


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