The saga continues with downloading music to the computer. I thought I would be done on Saturday. But I didn’t. I ended up watching The Shining (stupid movie; though I thought the making of was better than the movie!) instead of downloading music. So on Sunday I thought I would get to do more but alas I was too lazy to do that. (I sounded good by the way. Only one or two mistakes……did I mention that already?)

Sunday night we went over to Adam and Danielle’s house to play Wii. And eat dinner. That was good. So was the Wii. I’m gonna have to get me one of those!! Does anybody know the bunny game?? I don’t know the name but that game is hilarious. I can’t find it anywhere…..anywhere being Target!

So back to top with downloading music today. I was thinking of a quote and I’ll just write what I’ve got in the computer now.
“I wanna be bad. You make bad look so good. I’ve got things on my mind”
Willa Ford. I just finished her CD actually so I’m on to Kanye West. And obviously, if your checking, these are not in order. So I’m gonna get back to downloading and being bored!

I have finally learned how to put music on my phone. Isn’t that exciting? I think it is. It has taken two trips to the phone store to talk to Gary; the amazing phone guy. Now I know where I was wrong (aparently you need a USB cord. Who knew?). So I’m ready. Ready to finsih.

Gonna Go. I love you ALL




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