“Hey Bay Bay!”

I just found out this is the right way to spell this. Can you believe it? All this time, I thought it was Hey Baby. Well I was wrong. The video is pretty stupid too. If you haven’t seen it, your not missing anything. Seriously.

So last night I saw my first two episodes of the Hills. Go Lauren! The first episode I saw wasn’t that interesting and I couldn’t watch it that intently because I was watching Yazmine and Eli. Well, they were in the other room watching Surfs Up(bootleg) and I was in the living room trying to watch the Hills. But they kept on coming in there wanting to play golf out there with me……gollygeebobhowdy!

I really got to see the second one which was the newest one. I was sooo excited. Heidi surprised the crap out of me: Go HEIDI!! I feel for Lauren; stuck with a roommate who is dating an idiot. What is Audrina thinking?? (She’s dating an ex boyfriend who at one time in their relationship he left her stranded in Las Vegas!! Stranded!) It seemed like Lauren was trying to be nice to him but you could obviously tell that she wasn’t feeling him.

Steven, or whatever his name is, proposed to Heidi. She said yes. Whoopidydoo!! The best part about their story line was when Heidi came home and Steven had painted a “mural” that said Hollywood on their living room wall. She was shocked and couldn’t stop talking about how she thought they were going to make decisions together. Steven, or whatever, ended up getting a arcade game put in the dining room. Heidi gets a little more ticked. Last scene you see of them is Heidi painting over the mural and in walks the boy toy. His face is priceless!! Funny stuff.

I started re-reading An Unfinished Life. All about John F. Kennedy. I really hate him after reading just a little bit of this book. So, just reading away.
And trying to play Siphon Filter. I can’t beat this game worth anything. I need Adam to come and beat it for me because I am soooo stuck on this level and I can’t find out where to go. Gosh, it’s driving me mad!

This Sunday I am going to play bass and sing in the praise band! I am sooo excited and yet sooo incredibly nervous. Sarah, the music minister, hasn’t picked the songs yet. (She said she won’t untill she gets the sermon notes.) So, here it is, Tuesday and I haven’t heard from her yet. Not that she’s going to call me up and tell me every song as soon as she picks it. I just want to practice and practice and practice!!!

So that’s life in a nutshell, not too exciting. Not all my life……I love you ALL


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