“Let my lifesong sing to you….”
“Wanta check out my bass?”
“Hoo,Hoo. Hee, Hee.”
“Your too kind.”

I thought of a lot to say today. Probaly since I haven’t written in awhile. So now you get to rehash the last week with me; won’t that be fun? Well, I think so too. So here we go……
The first quote is from Casting Crowns song Lifesong. It’s the first song on their new CD so when I start it I hear this first. It’s actually quite good. Of course the second song is Praise you in this Storm which I abslolutely love! Who doesn’t? Seriously, who doesn’t? So.

The fourth quote comes from something I said last week. I said this to Candace and for the life of me I couldn’t figure out the movie that it was from. The whole day Candy and I were saying “Your too kind.” Turns out it’s from Ever After. Me and mom watched it and I was like HOLY COW!!!!(or for Danielle: For crying out loud!) I jumped up and as soon as I saw Brooke I told her and the lightbulb went on above her head. Like duh!! How many times have we seen that movie and it didn’t even dawn on us??

Hilarious little side story (Go ADD): Last night mom and me were watching a movie. Maybe it’s a tv show we saw. But it was this blonde girl and this boy and there talking and the boy said something stupid and the girl looked at him and said “And what color is your hair?” I thought about it a minute(more like ten seconds) and I looked at mom and said “What does that mean??” She looked at me and just stared at me. Then she explained it to me. Wow……worth the little detour wasn’t it?

Friday night I spent the night at Danielle and Adam’s. We went to Target and bought some presents for Joanna since we were going to her baby shower the next day. So we had gotten back and were watching tv, chilling when I get a phone call from Bobby telling me he’s coming in. (I knew this and Judy said she would pick him up.) I’m like ok, and? Turns out his plane was going to be late and he needed me to pick him up at three a.m. So Danielle and I stayed up and when I say Danielle and I stayed up I mean Danielle stayed up while I tried to nap in the recliner!! On the way we played “were going on a picnic.”

Next day would be me and Danielle at Joannas baby shower. When she got to our card she opened it up and that third quote is what you heard!! It sounded like someone giving birth!!!!

Saturday night I went to a “Get to know you party” for the singers at CCC. It was fun meeting the new worship minister. She’s only 24 and she’ll turn 25 this month. Wow, I’m older than her. Holy mackeral. I had a lot of fun talking with her. I didn’t leave till after ten. I was tired. But anywho….I met the other bass player at the church. His name is Patrick. He’s interesting. He used to be in a Black Sabbath cover band. I thought that sounded kinda cool. So on Sunday morning I was saying hi to David and Cindy Baker and Patrick came up and said that last quote: “Wanta check out my bass?”

Holy cow; funny hilarious side story again……I just typed bass without the “b”. Funny. Because of that quote. Say it again to yourselves! Do it. Wanta check out my bass….without the b.

Back to the story…….We both kinda looked at each other like “did he just say that?” It was funny. His bass is awesome. Impressed. Well I love you ALL


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