I got the speech from the end of Transformers:

“With the All Spark gone, we cannot restore life to our planet.
And fate has yielded it’s reward.
A new world to call home………….

We live among it’s people now,
Hiding in plain sight.
But watching over them in secret.



I have witnessed their capacity for courage.
And though we are worlds apart, like us,

I am Optimus Prime,
and I send this message to any surviving AutoBots
taking refuge among the stars.

We are Here.

We are Waiting.”

Whoo!! That’s awesome. I like Transformers. Can you tell?? It took awhile to get that all down!!

So let’s see. What’s been going on? Judy went to Kansas City and she’s coming back tomorrow but me and Candy are going to the beach tomorrow morning. And that should be fun. I think were going to try Coco Beach. Is that how you spell that? Coco? Or is it Cocoa? They both look wrong to me now! Anywho…..were taking Yazmine and that’ll be interesting. Fun? Maybe.

Tomorrow night Zach is coming for dinner. And Danielle and Adam aren’t coming over. So that means that it’s just the family living at home. That’ll be weird, I think. We’ll see. As long as he doesn’t go into what my thoughts are if I have a guy kid……long story; that one.

I got invited to a candle party. That’s pretty cool. I’m excited. Haven’t been to one in awhile. It’s at a friends house that I haven’t been in awhile. I miss seeing her and her dog!! Isn’t that strange? Anywho…..
I love you ALL


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