“We are here. We are waiting.”

There’s more to that but I can’t remember it. I’m going to have to go and watch it again so I can write  the whole thing down and write it here. I may go with Yazmine today. Not sure yet. She loves the movie; Yazmine. It’s crazy but the song came on the other day, the Lincoln Park one “What I’ve done”, and she was like “robots?” Can we go watch the robots? It was funny. And crazy. To think what she remembers.

Yazmine’s in swimming classes and that’s pretty interesting. I get about forty five free minutes to read. Nice.

Candace just read, I think she’s done; the last Harry Potter book. It was funny because I had gone to bed and I hear her yell: “HOLLY!!!!” So I jumped out of bed and ran down the hall to find out what was worthing of me coming. Something quite interesting indeed. I won’t say since some of you might be reading the book yourself. I saw the first page of the epilogue. That’s all I can say. I can’t wait till she is finished so she can explain what I saw!!!

We went to Smokey Bones with John last weekend. Can’t even remember which day. Was it only Sunday? Jeez laweez. Yeah it was Sunday because I went to Sea World on Saturday. My first time in fourteen years; as long as you don’t count that Easter Sunday for church! Which I don’t think I can count it. Didn’t see anything. Wow, everything is awesome there. The shows that we saw are great. Mystify or something like that was the best. Shamu’s show wasn’t that great. They didn’t do much. It was mainly about believing…..blah blah blah!! We saw the Sesame Street show and boy was that a downer! Parents were leaving with their kids way before it was finished. It wasn’t holding anyone’s attention!

I saw a polar bear and that’s all I needed to make the day go good!! He was sleeping but he was snuggling with a bucket and that was cute! All worthwhile! I rode Kracken and Journey to Atlantis which fourteen years ago they were just starting to build!! Kracken was ok. Nothing too spectacular. It’s always better when someone you know is with you!!

That’s all I will write for now. Yazmine’s poking me with a sword-pirate’s sword. Time to go play. I love you ALL


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