“More than meets the eye………Robots in disguise.”

I saw Transformers. I am in awe still!! I absolutely loved it. I had a smile so huge on my face afterwards you would’ve thought I had just met Johnny Depp. Holy cow it was great!!

I sincerely thought it was better than Pirates. All of them combined! That’s how good a movie it was. I have to see it again!! And again, and again. I think every movie that comes out should be just like Transformers.

I can’t think of one place that I liked the best but if I had to pick one I would say when all the AutoBots are outside Shia’s bedroom window and his parents are looking out the window and they all hide!! Or maybe when Optimus Prime transforms. Or maybe when Optimus and the others do a u-turn to follow BumbleBee. See….there’s too many good spots in this movie. The whole movie is a good spot.

The only part that was kinda off, and it only lasted a second, was when they find out the girl has a “past” and Shia gives her this look. Doesn’t last long but it made me go, “hunh?”

So I really liked the movie and I can’t wait to go see it again…….and again.
I love you ALL


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