“Everything’s going to be different now, isn’t it?”

Hermione says this during the last Harry Potter film; so far. The next one opens Wednesday at eight! Why eight? I really don’t get that at all…..not at all.

So Danielle and Adam fly in tonight. Exciting stuff. I was planning on doing something to their apartment but I don’t know if I’m still going to because they might read this before I can do it! So I’ll have to remember to write later about if I did it or not. It’ll take a lot of time…..so right now I’m not so sure about it. They don’t get in till eleven fifty five. I think I’m actually going to go inside and wait for them……don’t do that too often. I’m normally waiting outside dodging security guards with my car.


The Landgrebes are gone, Sheldon and Wendy have been gone for a week, and everything seems lonely now! Last night I couldn’t sleep in my bed because it’s in the middle of the room (I have two beds in my room right now). So I moved the mattress over to the other bed and slept there all night. Tally had a difficult time jumping up there and she didn’t like it very much.

A pretty uneventful life I lead…..I know.
Oh, I saw 1408. Super duper movie.
I love you ALL



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