It’s Snappy Man!”

This is from my youth……ha ha. Not really. I had just graduated when I first heard these words. Jason Landgrebe……the infamous Snappy Man said them. I don’t remember the first time…..I think he said the first time was at VBS. Maybe. Like I said I don’t remember. I do remember thinking it was hilarious. HILARIOUS!!!  At CIY that year he brought his costume and Lisa wore it in a gas station. The clerk probaly thought she was going to rob the place!

I only bring him up because he’s at our house now. With his mom and dad. There visiting us and some other friends in Florida. Today they went to Disney and that’s cool. Wish I could have gone and chilled out there. But anywho……It’s fun having them down. Jason’s at our house. I guess I didn’t say that. Jason Landgrebe. He’s a good friend. I think Adam and him are pretty tight. They both have a pair of whitie tighties still!! After all these years! That was some fun……

July fourth was a bummer….it rained and we went home. No fireworks. I love the fourth of July and it was such a letdown!

So….the cruise was amazing. Who’s ready for round two?? I want to go again now! Right now I could jump in my Expedition and drive to Tampa and go. If I had a ticket and if there was a cruise ship there waiting for me!

We got the DVD of the cruise and me and Candy are everywhere! And if you can’t see us then you see my grandma and my aunt partying it up!! It’s hilariuos.

The wedding was super duper amazing. I can’t believe it’s over already. Two receptions down…….That was some fun. Helping her plan and decorate and everything.

Everyone said I should be a wedding planner. I think about it sometimes. But honestly I’m not smart enough to do that. To actually be a wedding planner. I procrastinate sometimes…….and that wouldn’t be too great. So anywho…..

I think I’m going to end it here.


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