“It’s electric!!”

I love the electric slide. It has to be one of the funnest dances out there. We heard this at Kate’s wedding and it’s stuck in my head.

We had a really good time at Kate and Brian’s wedding. It was Friday night and, interestingly, small. Candace and Nils sang a song from Moulin Rouge and it was cute. Matt’s really not a great speaker but oh well…..they got married.
The day before Candy had asked if I could help seat people at the reception and I was like sure, no problem. So me and Danielle get over to the reception site and it’s not set up yet!!! So we ended up putting napkins in the glasses…..it was really pretty. 
Dancing was fun. Zack was scary with his dancing. I’ve got a video to prove it!

I went back to Lehigh with Danielle and that was a good trip. I got a pic of me and the panther crossing sign!!
100_5836 I can’t see my face! Also got Danielle acting like a panther. I think! It does look interesting at least.
See? I told ya she was scary!! Less than two weeks. Almost down to one week…….
Anywhoo…..I love you ALL


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