Quote for the day? I always lose whatever I was going to type right before I type it. So hold on a sec while I think of a new one……….
(I’m humming the theme from Jeopardy.)

“That’s the funnest!”

That’s what mom said about Islands of Adventure yesterday. We were talking about how they had heard that Universal had one the bid to get Harry Potter in their park. And Candy was saying how they were getting rid of something in The Lost Continent section. Were hoping it’s Sinbad’s show and Posiedon’s show. There kind of boring and don’t belong there!! There’s going to be a whole section of Harry Potter!! Is that not cool?? I think it is. I think Candy said it’ll be done in 2009. Can’t wait. I’m buying my tickets now!

It’s less than three weeks away from Danielle and Adam getting married. I cannot believe it has gone by so fast. I know Danielle can’t either. Holy cow. In less than three weeks I’m going to be on a cruise!!!!! Oh yeah.

We went dress shopping last night for a dress for mom so she can wear it during the rehearsal dinner…..or the dinner the night before (since there really isn’t a rehearsal). We found one and it was extremely cheap. Cheap enough for mom to buy it. And Danielle got this gorgeous dress too……it’s so beautiful. She also got a pair of shoes to match a dress she hasn’t bought yet but it is going to!! Mom actually bought two pairs of shoes. (Now, if you know my mom you know that shoe shopping is the worst!! She takes forever and usually doesn’t buy anything.) So all is good. Though it was funny trying on dresses. We must have had like twenty dresses in the dressing room and I would try one on and then mom would try it on or Danielle would try it on and then I would try it on! It was fun……I don’t think the sales lady liked us much. She kept on carrying dresses back for us. Fun times.

On Saturday morning Danielle and I went to Tampa to go through a test run of her hair do. It was amazing……..Can’t wait. I told her were going to sneak out early so no one will go with us (mainly a certain person!!). Were going to have a blast!

So along the lines of a test run mom bought some curlers for my hair that I can sleep in for the night before the wedding because I won’t have time to get my hair done the day of. Long sentence there, whoo! So we found some that we had used in Bloomington. By george they worked again! A little curly than curlier but that can be fixed. Thank heavens for test runs!

I know there’s something else I was going to type but my mind has just blanked. Big surprise there, right?
I really can’t think of it. Darn it. Um……

I remembered it. A couple of days ago my leg was hurting really really bad and I asked mom if we were expecting a hurricane. (My Orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Leddy, told me that I would be able to predict hurricanes……jokingly!) I didn’t think anything of that until Saturday night when after Barry came and drenched Danielle’s car on the way to Tampa. I told mom that my leg was still hurting and I remembered what Dr. Leddy had said about the hurricanes!!! I thought it was a xanga story. So I’ll tell everybody when the next hurricane’s coming by the pains in my foot. Hee, hee. (Please don’t give me any forks…..it’s a better story when I say it, not write it.)

I love you ALL


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