I thought of a whole bunch of quotes for today and they all just went out of my head……

“How’s mum?”
“It was a matter of business.”
“Keep telling yourself that love.”

All from Pirates of the Caribbean At Worlds End. We went to see the midnight showing because if you see a premiere you have to go to the midnight showing!! Have to.

I don’t care if you didn’t like it (Zachary)……. No one cares that you didn’t like it. I thought it was amazing. Better than the second one. Way better. I loved it. Oh yeah!!! We had a great time. We dressed up and that was fun. Way fun. Danielle…….I want my pants back!! We were all the way in theater 24. Can you believe that? I think they had all the theaters open for Pirates at midnight. Just a thought. I love Pleasure Island. Have I said that before?? Well, I mean it!! Big time. Only thing I didn’t like was that they took my ticket stub and didn’t give it back. Bummer

Got back from Kansas City at six fifteen pm yesterday. Had an amazing time. Ready to move. Now. Well, not now but soon. Let me just say this: My closet is half the size of my room now!!! Hello!!! How cool is that !! The house is amazing. I was showing Danielle pictures last night while we were waiting for credits to start and we all agreed it’s better and bigger than Becky’s house. Holy cow, right?? How can I say that?? Well, wait to you see the pictures!! Just wait……

 Judy rushed me to the college…..and we went to see Pirates. Long story. Can’t type it out now.

I’ll have pictures eventually.
I love you ALL


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