“There’s going to be a party at Twelve Oaks tonight!”

Gone with the Wind. Such a classic. You have to see it….even if it is crappy!!!
That’s the quote today because of the little “dinner party” we had. Good times is all I’m allowed to write……just kidding. I can write more. Don’t want to. How about that.

So Danielle came over last night and we watched Wicker Man. The new one with Nicholas Cage in it. I knew the story line….sorta….and Danielle had no idea. So it was good. Not great at all. They could’ve developed the story line a little better I think but what do I know about movies??? Nicholas Cage was hot….even with two broken knees!! Crazy stuff…..crazy.

Tomorrow were going to Lehigh for Anthony’s graduation party. That should be fun. Me and Candy are riding down with Danielle earlier than mom, dad and Adam. Can’t wait. I have to remember to borrow Danielle’s R.L. Stine books!!! The highlight of the trip…..not!

Danielle’s grandma is going to be cooking alot apparently. She’s a good cook. Well, I don’t know exactly, I’ve only eaten her food once but that was darn good spaghetti!! Danielle talked to her the other day and she said what she was going to be cooking and holy cow…..I’m excited. No diet tomorrow!!

For those of you who don’t know our family has been on a diet…..or as physco’s say: It’s not a diet, It’s a lifestyle change. Anywho….here’s a typical day of meals for me. Boring I know: Drink a little glass of milk (skim), eat some eags of a low carb granola bar. Have a snack of some fruit around ten and then at twelve thirty, one, I eat a salad. Around three or three thirty another snack but this time some cheese and around seven or a little earlier stir fry or some chicken salad or just chicken.

Yup….that’s what our house has been full of: Salad and stirfry stuff. Yucky…..except the salads and chicken. So I guess the yucky part is the stirfry. I hate vegetables!!!
Enough already….I know. I love you ALL
Oh, Happy early Birthday Stephanie!!


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