Happy Belated Birthday to ME!!!

I can’t believe I didn’t write yesterday!!! Actually I can. I was busy. Not busy enough to tell Lynn Happy Birthday though!
I had to get up and take Bobby to the airport at four thirty. Well, I had to be at his house at four thirty. Once I got home at five thirty I went back to sleep and didn’t wake up till eight. I decided that was too early to actually get up on my birthday so I went back to sleep!! I woke up at ten and couldn’t fall back asleep so I stayed up and read in bed.

At around eleven I got up and dressed and called Danielle to see if she was awake yet. She was and had been up early…..so I grabbed some pretzels and water and went over there to help her clean. As soon as I got there we formed a to-do list and it quickly became long!!
Post office
Mom’s office
Finish cruise papers
And on and on it went!!! We got everything done but one thing I think and that was mom’s fault, not ours. So we headed back to the college and we started the great cleaning! (They have to clean their new apartment before they move in…..) So, we cleaned the downstairs first. I got alot of dust on my back from my frequent breaks laying on the kitchen floor!! But we kicked butt. I vacumned everywhere (if it doesn’t look like it: Danielle did it!!).

When we were all done we went swimming and the water wasn’t really warm. We stayed out there for awhile though but then Danielle remembered she had a video she wanted to show me. It was funny. I think what was really funny was that Danielle didn’t get it the first time!!! Silly Danielle.

For those who know about work…..everything went well today. No talk. No nothing. So……good.

Last post I forgot to put a picture of the three girls. So here it is. Sorry Danielle!!!

There we are. At FCC graduation. I should get the pics from Candy’s graduation and my birthday party pics up here soon. Hopefully.
I don’t get home till Sunday night so it could actually be awhile!!!

I love you ALL


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