This was a conversation that happened yesterday at the great and wonderful University of Central Florida or UCF for those that can’t put that together.

“Go knock on his door.”
“You go knock on his door.”
“It’s your room.”
“I’ll pay you.” ……..
knock knock
“Hi, um….I need to check out of my room and the R.A. is supposed to be here. Is he here?”
“Oh, uh. Hold on. Hold the door.”
“MATT!!!!!………He’s not here.”
“Ok, um…….ok.”

And that was just the begining. UCF R.A.’s obviously don’t care about the little responsibility that they do have. Candace was supposed to check out of her room between 5:30-5:45pm. That was the time she signed up for. At five thirty five I told Candace she should go knock on his door. And there is the above conversation (I got a free dinner, thank you very much!). After that we went down to the “office” where apparently these R.A.’s hang out/work? The sign on the door said closed so we kind of walked by until we saw a girl go in there. So we turned around and went in and asked if Matt was there. He was not and so someone happened to have his number in her phone so she called and she left a message. She said that if he was far away one of them would come and do it.

We were thinking why can’t one of you do it now??? It was already six pm. We waited up in Candy’s room until he finally showed up claiming a final had ran a little longer. A little longer???? Try almost an hour longer. And wouldn’t you be a little smarter had you written on the sign out sheets when your finals were so people wouldn’t sign up during those times??? What a moron. When he came in he looked hilarious. He had the red curly hair!! It was just a funny sight. Had to be there I guess.

Anywho……went to Wendy’s. Got an amazing taco salad and ate it. Yummy. Went home and watched tv and then when Candy was done catching up with everyone under the sun we watched Emma. I love you Mr. Knightley!! He’s mine Candace; back off!! You got Mr. Elton, and Frank Churchill. You know what? I’m feeling generous; you can have Mr Weston!!! Or Mr. John Knightley? Well……I almost fell asleep at the end but I couldn’t because that’s where my amazing quote on myspace comes from, and hearing Mr. Knightley say it just makes your knees go weak!! Good thing I was laying down on my bed!

So that was yesterday. Wow, exciting stuff I know. Tonight is a little shindig for a friend. Kind of excited, I guess. Never been to where were going…..people say it’s good. So I will try to write tomorrow when I know if it was good or not!

Oh, one more thing: Windy if your reading this…..go with Kirra. I love that name. Interesting spelling though.
I love you ALL


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  1. Of course I’m reading this. Kirra- if you google it, it’s an Australian surf apperal line. By the way, I’m graduating Friday night at FCC! Whoo hoo! Is David done yet? I think Kelli and Kate are. We’re also considering naming the baby Chloe. Love you! Winders

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