“Veronica’s a song that’s in my head. Veronica’s a name I’ve often said. Her friends say she’s too good for me. Kinda like a West Side Story.”

Back to LFO today. Can’t stop singing this song……….aggggggghhhhhhhhh!! Help me!

So I was looking at the calendar today at work, (Putting in the wedding shower) and I noticed that next month is May. My birthday month (and Johns, and Lynns), and yet again I don’t know what I’m going to do for my birthday. I was thinking Universal like I thought last year and then I remember how many issues I went through last year just trying to pick a date. And then I was thinking a party at our house like usual……..That’s what will probaly happen.

But it’s my 25th birthday. It’s supposed to be huge. I want a huge birthday. (I don’t know that many people so I don’t know how it would be huge.) I plan my party every year. Not that I’m complaining too much about that; I do enjoy it some. But, come on……

So back to the begining again. I don’t know what I want to do. Maybe my problem is that I focus on what other people would like instead of what I want. Mabye I’ll go to Universal on my birthday anyway; without any of my friends because there too busy, or too broke, or just plain forgot I existed!! Whew. Got some aggression out there. Feeling good. Well, I will.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I recently had to buy a bridesmaid dress from a huge bridal store and I got the worst service ever!!
    Was it David’s Bridal?

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