“When I met her I said my name was Rich. I like girls from Abercrombie and Fitch.”

The greatest soon to be sister of mine let me borrow her “white girl old school” CD’s. LFO baby!!! They were awesome. I remember when they started on Disney…. a long time ago. I remember thinking that they were going to be huge. Well….they weren’t huge but they lasted for about a whole year. That’s not bad. They put out a few singles and they were awesome. And of course being on a Disney label didn’t hurt.

Anywho……besides listening to that back in the day music I finally put songs on my IPOD. I know, it’s like been forever. Finally got them on there and for the first time, drum roll, I listened to music on my Ipod. I rode my bike and listened to music. Who knew it could be done??

Bobby sent me some silly quiz on flixster.com. Anybody heard of that website? There’s a whole bunch of quizzes and you can make up your own about whatever you want. I couldn’t think of anything interesting so I didn’t make one up. I know, I know, your all bummed, aren’t you??

Biggest news of all is that our family is starting a diet. The whole stinking family. And it’s all mom’s fault!!! Her blood work came back and it was really bad so now we all have to suffer. I take that back: only me and dad have to suffer. Well, mom does too. But it’s her fault so she doesn’t count!! We started yesterday and when I came home dad was already cheating. Oh yeah….I caught him in the act! So, it’s not that bad I guess. Fruit is awesome, salads rock but the vegetables are killing me!!! We had stirfry last night and I ate squash and carrots and I wanted to barf. Everyone knows me: I HATE VEGGIES!! You’ve seen how I look, does it look like I eat them?? No, but now I am trying to not focus on the taste!! Yuck!! I’m eating baby carrots right now without any ranch and I want to gag. Blah……..maybe I’ll lose some weight for the cruise??

Speaking of…..Sunday me and mom and Danielle went dress shopping to find mom her dress. We went to Dillards and started there. (We’ve found some really awesome/cheap dresses there.) Picked up a few, tried them on and mom found one that was gorgeous. She didn’t like it. Apparently not since she didn’t buy it. We tried on more and she fell in love with this one that she did buy. It’s ok, It’s pretty mom! Just I liked the other one better!!!

We went to to JC Penny’s after that and I tried on a dress…..forgot to mention that Danielle found a dress!! Beautiful. And a size that was smaller!!! Ok, back to my dress. The rehearsal dinner is fancy/formal. So I needed a dress and this dress I tried on was spectacular. I hope I do lose a pound or two (no comments on that please!!) so it’ll look even better!!!

This weekend we are helping Adam and Danielle move furniture from Sebring. Renting a huge UHaul and going down there to pick up practically a whole house!! Very cool beaners…..

Have to finish planning a wedding shower for Danielle. Whoo. Need to get the addresses from Danielle!!

Ok, guess that’s it. I love you ALL


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