“B-I-N-G-O,  I-N-G-O, and Bingo was his name-o.”

I officially hate that song!! HATE IT! Yazmine woke up at seven am this morning. SEVEN AM!! I got up and I was like come on Yazmine, let’s go back to bed. She was all like Nooooooooooo! So I tried to put on cartoons but lo and behold Judy had forgotten to pay the cable (shocker!!). So I put on Gromit, Wallace and Gromit. So she goes and sits down in her room. And I go back to bed!! Well, I tried. She started singing Bingo at the top of her lungs! Agggggghhhhhh. So to make a long story short I got up, gave her a muffin and yogurt and sat down. Blah!

Ok, weird-o dream-o…..sorry. Still got Bingo in my head-o. I guess it’s been a few nights, maybe a week or two since I’ve had this dream. It’s night time and this class is at an amusement park. It’s closed but were there on a field trip there. I know. Weird. I come walking along with KEVING COSTNER at my side. What the heck, Right? I have no idea why I would be dreaming about him. But apparently, in dream world, I’m dating him. Yeah, that’s right. I’m dating Kevin Costner. Why in the world?? Exactly what I’m thinking. That’s like the whole dream, just walking around this dark theme park with Kevin Costner and all the other students but the teacher is walking with me and Kevin Costner. I’m sure he was trying to protect me from the crazy man. Whatever…….mom, if your reading this ask Tina what the heck this means!!!! And don’t forget to ask her about the Jack Nicholson dream too!!! Because I’m sure you already did. Forget that is.

Yesterday out of the blue some guy IM-ed me on AIM. I was like Do I know you?? He was like no…….tell me about yourself. I swear!! Do only foreign men who want American women IM me??? What in the world? I was um…….ok. I’ll see ya later. Crazy stuff………crazy stuff. And then like an hour later some carpenter that worked at Disney IM-ed me. Where are these people getting the idea I want to talk to them?? He didn’t seem like a psycho. His profile did say he was Wiccan though so….. 

Oh, funny story about IM-ing. My picture on AIM is of Dracula from the show at Universal. And in the background is Hip, or Hop. Don’t remember which. So someone, who I didn’t know, IM-ed me and asked if I was that girl in the picture. I thought he was talking about the one with me and the Grinch hat on and I was like yeah, duh. He was like wow. I didn’t realize it till later what the heck he was talking about. Funny stuff.

I have to go. Hungry…..I love you ALL


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  1. Holly…you’re so funny!!!  I had a great time this weekend!!! Hope you did too! Your brother got picked for jury duty by the way had to wake up at the butt crak of dawn drive him there come back go back to sleep , he woke me up and I had to go get him lunch eat with him, now I am back again! Wow! I’m tired! Talk to ya soon!

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