“You should take your phone with you. What if you get in a wreck or someone tries to attack you?”

This was said by my mommy last night right before I went for my bike ride. I hadn’t taken it all last week and now all of a sudden mom thinks something is going to happen to me. As long as she didn’t have a dream about it or anything! Those are weird and unusual……and thankfully none have actually happened!! (Maybe Ryan Goss looks good nowadays? I always wanted a tattoo. Long story. Maybe another day.)

So back to my bike riding. I started last Monday. Everyday last week I rode four miles. It doesn’t feel  like it. Then this past Monday I kicked things up and went eight miles. Then on Tuesday I didn’t do anything. (We got home late.) So last night, when mom told me to take my phone, I only went four miles. Tonight I’m planning on going eight miles since I skipped Tuesday.

I finally loaded ITunes on our computer. It literally took all night to download. Seriously! So all the songs are on there and now I just need to put them on my Ipod. That shouldn’t take too long. I’ll probaly do it after my ride tonight. Maybe. I know I’ve got to put some more songs on there because what’s on the computer isn’t enough for my Ipod. I need more!!

I changed my room around. I know, that excited everyone doesn’t it? Well, at first I was just going to clean my room and then it turned into changing my room around. Took me a few hours. But it’s all set up nicely. And it’s fairly clean. I still have some stuff to clean.

Oh; sad news everyone!! Get out your hankies. One of my fish died! What a tragedy. I think I can blame mom because she forgot to feed them when I went to Becky’s house for the week. I believe it was Liberace that died. Can’t honestly remember the name. Sad, isn’t it? I had to have mom throw him down the toilet. Couldn’t do it myself! Even though I think I threw Candace’s down there for her. Anywho……

This weekend will be fun. Going to eat some cake. And have it too. Anywho again….. I love you ALL


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  1. Golly it has been so stinkin long since I have been on xanga and you made me feel bad so I came to check up. Thank you for all of your help this weekend I had a blast and got a lot accomplished! I hope you had fun and I will see you tomorrow night. Maybe I should bring my bike up here, it does not seem like it would be as boring as walking! See you tomorrow!

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