“This ain’t a scene…..it’s a dead horse race?”

Is that what they say. They being Fall Out Boy. That’s what Candace says but I have my doubts. Though it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve thought lyrics were weird.

I am in New York. Oh yeah!! Or as Yazmine has started saying: “Boom Baby!!” I’m sure she’s heard it from yours truly! Oh, out of the mouth of babes.

This blogs gonna be a little long. Maybe. I’ll try to write as much as I remember. Hopefully I can. I’m gonna have to go back to last Thursday the 8th. When we left for New York City!!
Me and Yazmine were on the eight o’clock flight and everything was hunky dory until we started to land and I think Yazmine’s ears were popping. She started crying and everyone was looking at her and they just gave that look that was like “ooooooooh that poor little girl!” We got off the plane and I swear I thought we were in a third world country. (A bad 3rd world country. Like Haiti.) I felt like I was in Haiti. We finally found the right baggage claim and got our bags. (Someone explain this to me: When the screen says that your bags are on carousel 15 and there are only 4 carousels which one is that?)

Bobby and Frantz(his cousin) were there to pick us up and we drove straight to Bobby’s mom’s house and chilled for probaly fifteen minutes!! Yazmine stayed with “grandma” while I rode around with Bobby and Frantz. First order of business: get some food. So straight the nearest Deli to get some grub. Had some nice bacon, eggs and toast and learned a valuable lesson about delis. There apparently all owned by the Greeks. Good to know.

Picked up Ya-Ya, went into the city and dropped all of our bags off at the hotel. Went to rent a car and went back to the airport to pick up Judy. Went back to the hotel and went to bed. The next morning Yazmine woke up way too early. Friday. We went and were at Bob’s mom’s house all day. Went shopping for Yazmines b-day party. Saturday was the party so all day was spent setting up, straightening food up, pouring drinks, cleaning up, doing a little country line dancing and then cleaning up some more!!!

On Sunday we slept in and lounged about. We walked to Times Square and ate at the Hard Rock. Nice; got some cool cups so I can drink my pina coladas at home in style!! Went to the tippy top of the Mariott Hotel and saw Times Square from there. Once we got back to the hotel Judy called a friend of hers and we went to go see her since she was leaving the next day. After we saw her we had to pick up somebody else at the airport. Needless to say I was exhausted. Slept like a baby. Especially since Judy bought me a mattress topper for my fold out couch bed!!!!!

Judy and Bobby went to “work” on Monday and that meant me and Yazmine had the day to explore!! We started of going to Macy’s and the Manhattan Mall. We walked around over there and saw lots of cool stuff. I chickened out about eating somewhere “different” and chose Arby’s!!

I’ll have to consult my journal about what we did the rest of the week and then I’ll write some more. Since I’m at our “office” and nowhere near my journal I guess this is it. I’m qute tired now anyway. Let me just say that I have been staying up till past midnight every night!!! And waking up at an un-godly hour every morning!! Thanks Yazmine!! Oh the joy of kids!
I love you ALL


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  1. Sounds like you had loads of fun. I didn’t need Candace to fill out scholorships for me. I know how to fill them out. I wasn’t sure if I was getting a cap and gown or not so I thought I might have to borrow hers if it was ok with her. But I found out that I am getting one so I don’t need hers.

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