“You ripped off my shirt and my shorts!!!”

I can’t tell you who said this because they might kill me. I can’t explain it but I wanted to put it up here. I’ll think of another quote instead:
“Don’t wanta think about it. Don’t wanta talk about it. I’m just so sick abou it.”

I bought the CD so I’ve been listening to all the songs. I like number 6! It’s Justin Timberlake if your still thinking “who the heck says that?” So anywho….I like the CD. I like the song. Live with it.

I didn’t watch all the Academy Awards last night. I thought what I did watch was way boring. Alot of crap. So I switched the channel to Dog Bounty Hunter. What a show!!! Wish I had a couple of seasons on DVD to watch. Don’t you guys think my dad would like that show?? He’s hilarious. I love watching it. Funny stuff. What a life.

So……I’m staying at Becky’s house for a little bit while she is off in another state watching a Nickelback concert!! Must be nice. Wish I could do that. She got a new hot tub so that’s rad!! (I’m bringing “rad” back. Oh yes. I will.) The other night I didn’t even turn on the jets. It was like a huge bathtub. It was still a little light out so I had my bathing suit on!! (I wear my bathing suit at all times in the hot tub.) Gotta love Becky’s house. That’s my time to watch as much junky tv as I possibly can and eat junk food to my hearts content. Though I have to say that this time around I haven’t watched nearly enough tv or eaten enough junk food!!

Sunday I wanted to go to the mall to buy some long sleeved shirts since I’m going to New York soon. (I’ll write about that in a minute.) Um….did you know that the mall doesn’t open till noon on Sunday’s?? I didn’t!! Danielle and Candace came with and Danielle pointed that out as we pull into the parking space!! Good to know. So we drove over to Publix and drank some chocolate milk and some cookies!! Once the mall opened we went to Old Navy where I bought like ten shirts and some pants. All on sale!! Went to Bath and Body Works and bough some shower gel and some body wash! Somebody is gonna have to tell me the difference!! (Adam: If your reading this; Danielle didn’t buy anything.)

Afterwards we grabbed a pizza at Papa Johns (the best) and went back to the college to share with Adam. After pizza time we went back to Becky’s and the hot tub. And the pool!! Brrrrrrrrr. It was freezing but I think Adam, Candace and me jumped into the pool like three times and then got back in the hot tub!!! What were we thinking you may ask. Well, I’ll tell you. Back in ’93 on our one and only family vacation at our hotel we jumped into the pool then we would get in the hot tub and then the pool and then the hot tub and then the pool……and you get the idea!

Oh, New York. I am going to New York.

Like that’s all I could write about that!!! I’m leaving on Candace’s birthday, March 8th. I am flying up there with Yazmine and I’ll be up there for I think two weeks!! I cannot wait. I’m gonna see Wicked while I’m up there. If you don’t know what Wicked is then you are a bit loser!!! It’s Broadway baby!! Holly is gonna see a Broadway show!!! Oh yeah!!! Can’t you tell I’m excited!?!?!?!

So anyways…..Candace’s birthday is March 8th so were gonna have a “party” the weekend before. She wants to go bowling for her birthday so were going bowling. I think were gonna go on Saturday night. You’ll have to get in contact with me if you wanna go so I can tell you where and when. If you don’t come still go and say Happy Birthday to her!!! Well I guess I will end it here. I love you ALL


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