“On the radio……whoooooooaaaaaa, oh. On the radio.”
“A little bit of that?”
“What was that?”

All quotes from this past weekend. The first one is from the Donna Summer concert. Amazingly awesome woman! Funny and boy can she sing. Awesome. Pure awesomeness.
The second one’s from Epic Movie which we saw right after the concert. Hilarious!! We were laughing all the way through that!! (Was the fight over? Oops.) Crispin Glover played Willy Wonka and that was sooo funny. Candace picked that out right away. I was like are you sure? And sure enough it was! Creepy thin man was Willy Wonka!
Last one’s from me. I said that on the way to take Candace to college when something fell out from my visor!! I can’t tell you what it was because then you would have to play the game. Anywho…..

So last Friday I picked Candace up from college and took her home. And since I had munchkin with me we stayed a little bit and watched when we went to Disney. That was cute. Yazmine kept on saying “Let’s find the animals!” After a little while we left for the airport to pick up Bobby and Judy. They were in Kansas City looking at houses. So after we pick them up it’s late and I head home to bed.
I woke up Saturday morning at like ten thirty. Somewhere around there. I watched Superman Returns. I actually thought it was good. I think they could’ve gotten someone better to play Lois Lane but that may just be me. I mean really: Who is Kate Bosworth?? It was predictable but cool. Going back to Epic Movie: Ouch!! You just shot me in the eye!! That really hurt!!

I took dad to church and mom stayed home because she wasn’t feeling well. So I waited around for Candy to get out of church so we could go to Universal. We got there and found a spot for the parade right away. We thought we were right at the end of the parade and turns out we were. See, we thought the parade started by Jimmy Neutron and ended by Beetlejuice. Turns out it starts at Beetlejuice and ends there as well!! So after like twenty minutes I was like where is the parade?? Then I look to my left and there it is; going the wrong way. These two little kids were on either side of us so I felt wrong about jumping in front of them to snatch the beads!! Candace had no qualms about it!! But, we only got like ten pairs between us. Lousy night.

As soon as the parade was over we RAN over to the concert area which was already completely full of people to watch Donna Summer. “Queen of disco.” The first “diva.” She was amazing. I’m glad we went and saw her and I wish mom could’ve come to see her too. We only stayed for thirty five minutes because then we were off to the movie theater and watching Epic Movie. Ohmygosh. Hilarious. I want to watch it again!! So funny. Soooooo funny! We were laughing all the way through.
We got home, I think, after midnight. Good times.

Sunday morning we woke up at nine thirty. Why can’t people be quiet in the morning?? Ate a really really good breakfast and then we lounged around. I watched the original Funny Face with Audrey Hepburn and Fred Astaire.That was really good. I think that Audrey dances more in that movie than Fred does which is kinda weird. Does anybody remember those GAP ads a few months back with Audrey Hepburn dancing in them. Well Funny Face is the movie if you didn’t know where it came from. After that we turned on the Grammy’s.

Very dissapointing. I missed the Police singing. I can’t believe John Mayer won best pop album?? I mean HELLO!?!?! Did someone forget to vote for Justin Timberlake?? Or Christina Aguilera?? How in the world did John Mayer win?? How? That kinda ruined it right there and the fact that he looked drugged didn’t help me not liking him. Did anybody else notice that? I like the Red Hot Chili Peppers performance, I only wish they would’ve done Dani California. I went to bed before it was over. Right after the RHCP played and won I went to bed. I think the Dixie Chicks won the Album of the year, right? Anywho…….I love you ALL


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