“I will praise you in this storm. And I will lift my hands. For you are who you are. No matter where I am. And every tear I’ve cried, you hold in your hand. You’ve never left my side. Though my heart is torn, I will praise you in this storm.”

Casting Crown’s amazing song!! I love it. Z88.3 does not play it enough. I remember when it first came out they played like every other song, now it’s like maybe once a day. And usually when I’m not in the car!! Of course. Isn’t that how it always is??

So what’s up everyone?? Not much, hunh? Well, February 3rd started Mardis Gras at Universal. Woop-woop! I went to church with mom and Danielle and Candy so me and Candy could go to Universal afterwards. I had gone on the website and it said the parade started at eight so I told Candy to hurry through choir practice!! She got done at seven twenty and we zoomed over to Universal. We got there at like seven fifty eight. It was close. We started walking the parade route to find a prime spot but none was to be had!! We finally settled on a nice spot behind some girls that were sitting down. Were ready for the parade to start but nothing. Then it starts to sprinkle and we think maybe the parade is delayed because of the rain?? Eight thirty is upon us and no parade and now it’s pouring!! POURING!! So we hear some noise and everyone starts looking around and loe and behold: The parade has started!!

The trucks that are pulling the floats are zooming by us!! Zooming!! The people on the float are sucking at throwing the beads!! It’s not helping that were standing under a tree in the second row!! And standing right next to some crazy dads that think there kids have to have a millions beads! I mean hello! Share the wealth! Seriously! As soon as the last float passed me and Candy took off running for the other side of the parade!! We ran! So we got some more beads and then we ran a little farther down too. I think the total for each of us was fifteen necklaces! I think that was pretty darn good!!

Los Lonely Boys were there. I’ve heard of them but don’t know what the heck they sing. We listened to a few of their songs but nothing sounded familiar and then they started singing “Very Superstitious.” I was like, let’s just go home! So we did. But we had an awesome night at Mardis Gras. This week Donna Summer, the queen of disco, will be there. I want to go and I probaly will!!

Oh, a little side note about the people sitting in front of us. Fifteen minutes before the parade starts they decide to stand up!! Oh yeah, not nice. Candy keeps giving them dirty looks till one of them is like “sorry.” Then their little brother comes and joins them. And he can’t stop complaing!! About everything. It starts raining: “I’m getting wet!” “I’m not having fun!” “I want to get out of here!” “I don’t want to be here!” “When can we leave!”
Ohmygosh!! Me and Candy were asking each other if anyone would notice if we kicked him in the butt!!
I love you ALL


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  1. Hey! Sorry I haven’t emailed you back! I have a new email, it’s windycobourne@gmail.com Anyways, we will be at IMPACT on Sat playing with Central of Ocala. Gabe won’t be coming though, he’s staying with a friend. We ARE moving, however we have NO IDEA where yet. Justin has sent his resume all over. Love you!!

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