“Youuuuuu. Don’t wanna be just like youuuuuu! This is the anthem. Throw all your hands up. Another loser anthem!! Woo-hoo!”

Good Charlotte. Haven’t heard much from them lately, have ya? Hmmm? I love that song. That one and Lifestyles of the Rick and Famous. Funny stuff.

Superbowl Sunday yesterday!! Who didn’t watch the game?? If you didn’t (Nils) you are a LOSER!! Colt kicked some Bear butt!! The begining was a little rocky with the Bears getting that first touchdown. Man alive though. That was crazy. So were all those turnovers!! It was raining. I’ll give them that. It didn’t stop raining the entire game. Holy Cow. Can you imagine playing the biggest game of your lives and it’s raining!?!?!?

What about the Bears QB? Was a loser or what?? He couldn’t hold onto the bowl long enough to throw it!! And he certainly wasn’t a pretty guy either. He better do better at football because he has nothing else going for him!! Did you guys hear about one the Bears players being convicted of a few felony’s? Anybody? I think mom was telling me this: One player was/is? on trial and the judge let him off so he could play in the Superbowl!! What is up with that?? Go USA judicial system! Oh yeah.

Did you guys know the Tony Dungee was a Christian?? So is the owner of the Colts!! Isn’t that awesome? I think it’s pretty cool. Go God!!

So on to the commercials. Which one was your favorite?? I have a hard time picking one because this year it really sucked!! Big time. I mean Budweiser always has the best commercials. Always. The dog one was cute; with the white mutt getting mud sprayed on him and then he’s a dalmation. Cute. The crab one was kinda funny. I think though that the Taco Bell one with the Lions was pretty darn good. “Carrrrrne.” That was great!  I think the big losers were the Coke ones. They were like all old ones that we’ve all seen. Boo!! The other one that sucked was that guy with the sports car. I don’t remember what it was for. Something about online selling. Oh, the truck commercials sucked too. Let’s drive our truck at breakneck speeds and then stop all of a sudden, in the desert. Or on a beam?? What is up with that?? That’s realistic!! So which one was your favorite??

I went to IOA/Universal yesterday with my mommy. Spent some quality mommy/daughter time. Let’s see….we went to Universal first and rode the Mummy. 5 minute wait!! Then we went and rode MIB which my mom loves!! We were the only two on our car! It was two against six! We obviously lost. But oh well. Then we went and saw Terminator 3-D. Mom hadn’t seen that in awhile. I just wish Eric Roukey still did that show!!! After that we went over to IOA and rode the Hulk front row!! Went on Dr. Doom where this guy had to get off because he was too fat! After that had some yummy pizza and rode Dueling Dragons. Gotta ride both sides so we rode Fire first(and I think I like the back the best) and then we rode Ice(where I think the front is the best). Mom realized that she wanted to ride E.T. So went back over to Universal to ride E.T. On the way over I saw Scooby Doo and Bullwinkle and I got my pictures with them. We rode the ride and when we came out Scooby and Shaggy were out!! So I got another picture with them!! I’ll have to get them on the computer so I can put them on here!! Well, I’m gonna go. I love you ALL


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  1. Anonymous says:

    o.k. For one, the QB for the bears used to play for the gators, so watch what you say about him. J/K!! Yes, I knew Tony Dungee was a christian. Hence the reason I don’t like Tampa Bay. He was the coach, then they fire him and the next year they win the super bowl with HIS team. Did you also know that the coach for the bears is a Christian? Did you watch the trophy giving? Mr. Dungee said that they weren’t only making history by the fact that two black coaches made it to the super bowl, but that they did it the right way. And, Peyton Manning is a Christian. He obviouly isn’t very outspoken, but he is a christian.
    As far a comercials, I didn’t see it, but I guess there was one for Doritos that was fan made. It had something to do with like, it would show a cheesy guy and then the word cheesy would come up and then a hot girl and the word hot would come up. That kind of thing. But did you see the chevy one that was made by a college freshman? The one with all the guys taking off their shirts and dancing around the car and that stuff? Talk about STUPID! And the one about online dot come names. Talking about one of the departments that everyone wants to work in and it was a bunch of girls showing there bodies off and dancing around and crap. That was annoying.
    Anyways, that’s all I have to say for now. I think. lol.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I fibbed. I wasn’t done. lol.
    I meant to say, thanks for the congrats about Radford. And yes, his name is Mike/Michael, whichever. And yes, he is going to Virginia Tech, which is in Blacksburg Virginia, which is about 30 minutes from Radford. His parents are going to buy a house up there, so I can spend time with him and not worry about making some kind of mistake. I mean, I think the temptation would be greater if we were both living in dorms at college.
    Anyways, now I think I am done. 

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