“I’ll touch every star in the sky. So this is the miracle that I’ve been dreaming of….mmmm…..so this is love.”

No stars in the sky last night were there? This is from Cinderella. Yazmine is listening to the “Princess” cd and this one just came on. Anywho…back to last night. Man Alive!! It was windy, wasn’t it? All that rain.

I had to wake up early to take mom to work since it was raining. Side story here: dad’s truck is acting up so he took mom’s car to work and mom was going to take the bus to work. Unless it rained. Which it did. So were driving along Pleasant Hill and right after Poinciana Blvd we stop. Completely. Stop and go all the way to John Young!! Ohmygosh. We were on that road almost an hour. So on the radio they keep on going on about a tornado that touched down and all the damage. Holy Cow!! And then they were saying that the storm cell was heading towards Haines City and North of there(or whatever direction Poinciana is from there). Man alive, I hope Tally is ok!!

Today is Madyson’s 4th birthday!!! I cannot believe she is four. Where have these past two years gone?? Now, they don’t even talk to me, let alone acknowledge me. I got Mady some neclaces. It seems like there never home so I’m not sure when I’ll give it to her. I am just so dumbfounded about that whole situation but holy cow: Mady is 4!!

Still on the subject of little kids: Yazmine has learned to do a little flip! I know, I know. Not that exciting, but it’s hilariuos to watch her push her little feet so she can flip.

Has anybody seen The Black Dahlia?? I’ve seen the first hour and I’m wondering “is it worth it to watch the rest?” Anybody?? Did anybody actually watch this movie in theaters?? Anywho…..I love you ALL


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