“Ohmygosh!!! Ohmygosh!!! Were almost there!! Were almost there!!!! Ohmygosh!!! Ohmygosh!!!”

“I want to check out his pirate booty!”

“I love you Captain Jack!!!”

All of these were yelled (practically) by me last night at the Magic Kingdom. It was the first night of the Pirate and Princess party. Good times. Me and Candy and Judy and Yazmine went and we all dressed up as pirates. Funny!! We all got lots of candy and by the end of the night all our feet were sore. We of course saw Jack Sparrow which I got a bunch of pictures with. I couldn’t stop smiling!!! It’s hilarious. I’ll try to get them uploaded soon. I’m soooo in love!! He was really good. Then we went on Pirates of the Carribean and we were the only ones in line!!! How crazy is that??? We had a great time all in all. Definately super de duper.

So since I don’t have a picture of Captain Jack Sparrow and me, I will put up a pic of me with another hottie!!


Copy of Universal2006show 008

Oh yeah. Check out those muscles!! No padding there!! He was great. We took quite a few pictures with him just for fun!!

It looks like Holly will officially be moving. These next two months look to be busy and frantic. Hopefully they will not be frantic. Just exciting.
I haven’t really thought about it. Honestly I haven’t at all. I mean like: What the heck am I going to take??(32″TV) What do I leave behind??(Tally) Too many decisions. Maybe that’s why I’m putting off thinking about it? I love you ALL


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  1. Good times, but your comment to me assumes that I 1. remember what you wrote a year ago and 2. read what you wrote a year ago. I can barely remember what happened last night lwt alone what happened on xanga a year ago.

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