I guess I said this about three or four pm yesterday afternoon. I was
on the roof putting up Christmas lights when I needed some more lights.
Unbeknownst to me my mommy dearest had gone inside and I was outside on
the roof yelling for her. Finally she came outside to “check on me.”
Make sure I hadn’t fallen off the roof. But all that aside, the house
looks amazing if I do say so myself. Which I just did. We finished
decorating inside too. Put some greenery up in the plant shelves along
with some lights. In the kitchen and everything and then Candace broke
her stocking holder.

Well today my great grandfather died. My grandma called my mom and said
he went around seven this morning. It’s kinda weird to think that while
I was getting ready for work this morning my great grandpa died. Weird.
We saw him when we went up for Thanksgiving. I had my video recorder up
there so that’s nice. I don’t have many memories of my grandpa; just a
few. I remember him mainly from my grandmas memorial service. He was
just soo sad.

Anywho…..is anyone else sick of all the cervical cancer
commercials??? I was pretty sick of them and then I got really mad
about them when Candy told me that you get the virus (that causes the
cancer) from SEX!! It’s an STD. Can you believe that; a stupid
commercial. All those moms saying “I’m going to tell my daughter.” I’m
going to tell someone. TELL THEM TO STOP SLEEPING AROUND!!! My gosh.
It’s ridiculous. I was watching tv the other day and I saw this Trojan
commercial and it was really good. It said that abstinence was the only
way to not contact an STD. Groovy.

I was planning on going to Universal today. First me and Ya Ya were
planning on going to Disney but that got shot down this morning so it
changed to Universal. I dropped off the dry cleaning and was getting
ready to head to I-4 when Bobby called and said he needed something
sent to him. By the time I was finished with somet things and got to
the airport it was already one thirty. So we came home and chilled.
She’s sleeping and I’m typing. Fun stuff. Well I hope that everyone is
having a great day. I love you ALL


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