“No Daddy, no!!!!”

This is from Mr. Deeds. An Adam Sandler movie that is hilarious. It was
on tv Saturday night. We were in GA in a hotel relaxing. Me and Candy
were watching it when that line came on. It’s when the football
player’s father is talking to Deeds and he tells him that he’ll remind
his son where he came from. The football player yells this. So Candy
couldn’t stop saying this and then I couldn’t and we both couldn’t stop
laughing. So we couldn’t stop repeating this Sunday.

So we went up to Indiana this past week. Let’s take a trip down memory
lane…….On Tuesday we drove up there. Dad drove pretty much the
whole way. I got a bit sick. So much traffic. Darn you construction

We got up there at like one. Two. Sometime like that on Wednesday.
Grandma fed us some nice deer meat meatloaf!! I chose against the
meatloaf (before grandma said what it was) and had some ham spread. Oh
yeah. Visited a bunch of relatives. Had a great time. Saw Uncle Timmy,
Uncle Thomas, Aunt Sharon, Amber, Nathan, Emilie, Sarah, Tiffany, Aunt
Patricia, and Grandma Lee. We slept at Uncle Timmy’s and that was an
experience all itself. We slept in the loft and it was crazy. Didn’t
sleep well at all. Dad was scared of Uncle Timmy’s dog, Dozer. He
wouldn’t go to the bathroom because the dog was blocking his path.

Thursday we didn’t do much. Ate some turkey. Real Turkey. It was sooo
cool eating a big Thanksgiving meal with all our family. It was nice. I
wish we could do that every year. Mom would have a cow because she
doesn’t like traveling among other things. We didn’t leave grandmas
house till like six and then we went to Grandma Rita’s. She said she
wanted to go Black Friday shopping so since Danielle hadn’t gone before
we decided we would go too!! We had a nice time.

We got up at the butt crack of dawn and went to WalMart. It was a wee
bit chilly. I got to wear my coat. Nice. So when we got to WalMart the
line was all the way out to the end of the parking lot. Mom and Grandma
and Wendy stood next to the side door and me and Danielle watched all
the people. They opened the front doors first and then the side doors
so we got a clear shot of seeing everybody run (literally!!) into the
store. Amazing thing. I ended up buying a car DVD player and 32 DVD’s.
(You’ve got to have a selection.) We went home and jumped on the
trampoline watched some Ray Stevens, Grandpa Woody came over and we ate
some. Good times. We went to Poppy Bob’s and ate there too. Aunt
somebody and Uncle whatshisname were there too. Big surprise. Mom knew
them. So we had a great time. Saw a nice Porsche. Our pictures are on
the photo wall along with John Cougar Mellencamp. (And if you do not
know who that is do not tell me!!)

Saturday morning we got up and left for Florida. Drove to Georgia.
Traffic was horrible. Only made it past Atlanta. Then we stayed in the
hotel. We went to Fronteras for supper. Not the same place as down
here. It wasn’t very good. Definately not the same. me and Candy
watched Mr. Deeds, went to sleep. Dad woke us up at seven thirty. Made
it to Florida. Long, long drive. Wow. But what a great time.

Last night Cnady and I watched Happy Feet. I almost cried!! More than
once. It was incredibly sad. And it did not end well. At all. Candy
liked it but blah!!

Today and yesterday me and Candy went Christmas shopping. I’m almost
done. All I have to buy is Candy’s present along with Bobby’s and
Judy’s. That’s it. Like I’m donw. Is that amazing or what?? I guess
that’s it. I love you ALL


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