“If I lay here. If I just lay here. Would you lie with me? And just forget the world?”

Snow Patrol’s great song. Hopefully not one hit wonders. I don’t think
they will be. I got their CD and I think it’s pretty good. I have this
song as my ring tone for UnKnown callers. I like it alot. The video for
it’s ok. Not great. Not sucky. Just ok. It only has the lead songer in
it which is kinda like: whatever.

Anywho….what’s going on everybody. Everybody’s birthday is in
November!! (Well, except the best!! MINE!) Michelle’s was the 14th and
Drew’s was this past Saturday. And Danielle’s birthday is the 30th. Man
alive. Happy Birthday if I haven’t said it already!!!

So, It has been a year today since our accident. It sucks. Whenever I’m
in the car and I close my eyes I can still see the car hit us. And then
I hear Candace screaming. Not good. So…..anywho.

Were leaving for Indiana tomorrow night. I’m getting exciting.

Thanksgiving is Thursday and that’s cool. Eating at my Grandma Lee’s.
Oh yeah. Should be fun. We just found out our Uncle Thomas is coming
from St. Louis for Thursday. Yippee.

Guess I should go. Have a great Thanksgiving day. Be thankful your alive!!! I love you ALL


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