“What’s that?”

I said this last night around six thirty to Candy.
Let me start at the begining……..a long long time ago…….in a galaxy far far away.
Just kidding.
Go back, if you will, to Sunday night. Candace and I decide to go climb
on our roof. Something we haven’t done since a year ago. A little
longer actually. So we get the ladder out and climb up there and I
think we were up there for quite awhile.
The next night we decide to go up there again. So as soon as we get
home we make some ravioli and grab some root beers and start the climb
up the ladder. Candace goes first and she’s up there and I’m climbing
up the ladder when I hear this noise. What in the world???
It sounds like boom, boom, boom, boom. And it’s getting closer. And
closer. I ask Candy “What’s that?” And then all of a sudden I see a
dark object come flying right to the left of me and hit the ground.
Candace turns around and asks me “Was that my root beer?”

Why yes Candy it was. It was hilarious. Watching it come down. Funny.
Very funny stuff.  So we ate our ravioli and Doritos and root beer
up on the roof until dad came home and then we made sloppy joes for him
and mom. Then we got back on the roof. As soon as we got up to the top
we saw mom pull onto out street. So we didn’t stay up there as long.

We watched part of Dancing with Stars last night in between Gilmore
Girls (which was very confusing and stupid) and then we watched House.
John Laroquette was on it. Anybody remember Night Court?? What was the
judges name? Harry Henderson. That’s all I can think of.
Anywho…..after House they had this show called Show me the Money.
Anybody hear about that one?? William Shatner hosts it and it’s pretty
interesting. I don’t think it’ll make it. Ya gotta love William Shatner

So, were driving up to Indiana next week Tuesday to be exact. Tuesday
night. All night. All bloody night long! We’ll get there on Wednesday
morning. Propbaly early early morning. (Knowing how I drive.) Were
spending the day and night with Grandma Lee and also Thanksgiving day
with her too. Then on Thursday night were going to drive up to
Plaineville. I guess it’s kind of south. Not up. So were going to spend
the rest of our time down there with them. It’ll be a blast. Everyone’s
excited about going except mom. (If your reading this mom; don’t try to
deny it. You know it’s true!) It’s probaly going to snow. That would be
something. I don’t know if that would be a “cool” something or not. Not
yet. This morning it was cold and I wore shorts and sitting on my cold
seat in my Expedition was not fun. So today a snowy Thanksgiving would
not be “cool!”

Has anybody heard Gwen Stefani’s new song?? The yodeling one. I think
it’s called “Wind it up.” I was talking about that yesterday to Candy
and then I was yodeling all night long!!! I couldn’t get it out of my
head. I need to watch Sound of Music now. Maybe not right now. But
soon. Yodel eh, yodel eh, yodel ooh.
I love you ALL


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  1. Hope you have fun in  IN. I am glad we aren’t driving up there but now I am stuck making a turkey I just hope I do it right and we don’t get sick. LOL I hope it doesn’t snow for you guys I hate snow.

  2. I remember Night Court! I love HOUSE. And I also could NOT turn off the TV during the Show Me The Money gameshow,,,, but it had nothing to do with William Shatner and everything to do with the unique contestant!!!! hahaha. Love you!!

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