“Pop, Pop. Hope no one see’s me get freaky!”

Weird Al. What a guy! What a guy!! That song is hilarious. He has a new CD out and I want it NOW!! The video for “White and Nerdy” is soooo funny.  They play it on VH1 all the time. All the time.

So I haven’t written since before Halloween What’s up with that?? Last night of Halloween Horror Nights was really really good. We saw the show and it was hilarious (“I’m a pretty pirate!”). We were being melodramatic the entire time we were there. (“This is the last time were going to watch this show at HHN.) After the show (that we got amazing seats yet again to) we went to the Caretakers house. Screamhouse I think. It was great. Fun times. So we wanted to end things on a high note so we left after that. I’m sad just writing that it’s over. Even though it’s been over for like a few weeks. I’m sad.

Halloween night was amazing. Why does it always seem that were rushing around with our heads cut off?? The haunted house was amazing. AMAZING. We scared qutie a few kids. We actually had kids that remembered us from last year!! Candy was cat woman, The rest of us just wore costumes and it’s questionable as to who each of us were!!!! We all had a great time. And afterwards we ate hamburgers and Danielle made this dessert that was awesome!!! When I was cleaning up the garage and this mom and two kids were walking by and the little boy said: “That’s the garage that was scary!”

What’s been happening?? You may ask yourself. Maybe not. Anywho…..I’m going to tell you whether you read this or you don’t!! November started out nice. Got a little chilly!! Today I’m going to Universal with Ya Ya. Oh, what fun that will be. It will actually. Because I can ride all the kids rides and not get looked at strange!!!!

Were driving up to Indiana for Thanksgiving. Big news. Danielle’s coming with us. I think that’ll be fun. Hope she likes our family. Our strange/dysfunctional/hickish/lovable family. I guess that’s it. I love you ALL


PS Happy Birthday Kayte. And an early one to Michelle.


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