“Touch his butt!!”

I told Candace this last night as we watched the Bill and Ted show. The
Hoff was standing a row or two right in front of where we were sitting.
He was a little too far away for her to grab his butt but I think she
would’ve if she could’ve.

So obviously we went to Halloween Horror Nights last night. This was
the second to last night we can go. Sunday is our last night. And you
better believe were going!!

We got through the metal detectors and in the gates and this guy told
us to stop for a picture and I said “no thank you,” and we kept on
walking. I turned around and he was staring at us and I said to Candy:
“He’s not even wearing funny clothes.” (I meant to say scary clothes.
But I didn’t have time to because as I said that I turned around again
and he was still right behind me!!) So we were laughing and moving on
and this guy kept on following us. He followed us down past Shrek and
we turned right and he was still right behind us. We went through the
scare zone and he did too. We finally stopped and said “if you take our
picture will you quit following us?” (We were laughing as we said it.
We weren’t being mean!!) So he took our picture and as we walked away
he said something. I turned back around and was like: “what?” He said
“I’m not wearing funny clothes!” And that was that. Well not really.
Candy wrote my phone number down on the paper with the picture on it
but when she went back to give it to him he couldn’t find him! Not that
is that.

I’m watching Most Haunted on the Travel Channel again. I love this
show. LOVE IT! This medium is hilarious. He get’s possessed all the
time. Funny stuff. I mean it’s not funny that he’s getting possessed
but it’s that I don’t really believe him!

I’m gonna go. I love you ALL


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  1. I wish I could have gone with you guess one night it was so much fun last year. Oh well. Josh goes Mon for a bone scan so please pray nothing is really rong and they will give hm the walk so he can finally move home.   Ayrica says hi.

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