“Which is the best house??”

This was asked by some drunken
floozie behind us in line on Thursday(?).  We were in line for
PsychoScarapy. That’s Jack’s house. I thought it was going to be much
much scarier. But not too bad. I’ve been through that house twice I
think. Maybe three times. We’ve been through every house but one twice.
Oh yeah. And we’ve seen the show like seven times. Bill and The Hoff
sat right next to Candy!! That was funny.  Were going to go again
on Thursday; I guess that’s tomorrow. I’m trying to talk Danielle in to
coming!! She says she doesn’t want to. But I want to see her get
scared!!! (Sorry Daneille!)

I had something to write about
and now it has all left my head! How typical!! Um…..Halloween is
coming up. So if your reading this and you know where I live: COME AND
HELP US!!! Candace and mom made the framework for our maze and Candy
and I put the cardboard boxes up. She started spray painting them. Were
going to have to finish that sometime. Sometime soon!! We just have a
little after that to do. We need to make the coffin and just place the
other decorations around.

Then Thanksgiving after that.
Wow. Were driving up to Indiana for that. Were going to leave Tuesday
night after everyone gets off work. Should be fun. I’m excited. I
really can’t wait. Danielle, of course, is coming up with us. John
isn’t going to. He’s going to watch our house. And doggie, and kitties.

I think I remember what I was
going to say! While I was at Becky’s I watched this show called “Most
Haunted.” It’s hilarious!! I love watching other people get scared from
ghosts!! If I were there I would pee my pants! No doubt! This show is
amazing because the host(ess) is really scared every show. She’s the
one screaming. Funny. They have mediums and paranormal artists and
that’s interesting. The artists sit around the house all day and they
draw the energies that they see and they are dead on!! It’s amazing to
see some of it. The medium though is hilarious and, in my opinion, a
fake!! The first show I saw with him in it he became possessed with a
spirit and the host is asking what there name is and the name the
medium(who’s possessed) gives them is like a phony. They can’t find any
information on that name connected to the house at all. Second show I
see with him in it, the same thing happens. He gets possessed and the
name he gives is like a phony. So I think he’s just a loser. Not
really. Because when he’s talking to the host when there walking around
the house he pin points everything. The date. The names involved in it.
Almost everything. But if he gets possessed than he loses it.

Well I was watching that show
today and the medium didn’t get possessed. One of the team was pushed
by “something” and that was interesting to watch. He was pretty shook
up. But after that show was over I was flipping channels and I saw this
show called “Celebrity Paranormal Experiment.” I remember this show
from years ago and I guess there bringing it back with current
celebrities. It’s where celebrities go into a sanitarium and they have
missions. And they go together and then seperately. Hal Sparks and Gary
Buse were on this episode with some others (didn’t know them). Hal had
to go up to the roof where the playground was where a boy ghost named
Timmy played ball. And Hal was tossing balls around and one of them
came back!!! And then he saw a shadow walk across a door. Wow, it was
freaky!! He said he could see the eyes!! It was interesting. I liked it
alot. I want to see another episode.

So what else is going on??
Um……Yazmine threw up in my car today!! I was driving and all of a
sudden I hear her. And it sounds like just water coming up. It pretty
much was. And she kept on doing it. Like five times. So I pulled over
and I’m trying to clean her up and I’m gagging because I can’t take
it!! So once we got back to her house I sprayed my car with Fabreeze
like crazy. Hopefully that smell will go away!!! That was such a
horrible experience!!!!! Yucky. I don’t think I want kids today! If so,
I’m having a nanny with me always!! ALWAYS!!

I guess that’s it: I love you ALL



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  1. Anonymous says:

    no, no ,no. What I was saying is that we SHOULDN’T give money to the bums on the street becasue we don’t know what they are going to do with it. If we give to Voice of the Martery or something we know that money will be used for good.

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