Here are some more quotes from Halloween Horror Nights:
“I love James Blunt!”
“I’m on fire!!”
“Who do you think you are? Lindsay Lohan?”
“Who wants some of this Pirate booty?”
“Everyone get out of the theater!”
“Bring it she-man.”
“This may be the rum but I swear I see a green little man swinging those swords around.”
“If you act like your scared it makes them feel better.”

All of
those quotes are from the Bill and Ted show except that last one.
Candace said that to me while we were walking through a scare zone. I
wasn’t scared. And Candy told me to act scared because then the “scary
people” would feel like they were doing their job! So….I didn’t. I
kept on walking letting Candace hang on me!! I was going to record the
Bill and Ted show but as I turned on my camera it turned right off. I
was flabbergasted! Maninly because I had been charging that battery for
two days. So I don’t understand. I guess I’m going to have to get a new
battery. If only they weren’t sooo exspensive!! Anywho….

we went to the Bill and Ted show we went through the Bates Motel house
and the people in front of us were screamers!! They were two black
girls and the one kept on putting her hood up and trying to run
backwards!! It was hilariuos. We kept on pushing her forward! We went
to Steak N Shake afterwards.

we got there their were people standing around outside. I don’t
understand why that’s cool? It took about two minutes to get a seat and
then the waitress said she would get to us when she could!! She was the
only waitress working. Hello??!?!! We waited forty minutes for our
food. And then once our food got there then our drinks came!! All of it
came together! Unbelievable. Candy said we weren’t going to go there

backing up a bit. I don’t think I wrote about Friday night. We went to
the ballet. Mom knows the principle dancer so that was cool. We got to
go backstage. Fun stuff. Heard Ludacris, who was performing outside the
TD Waterhouse. Exciting.

Saturday I went shopping with mom and dad and Candy met us for supper
at Fazoli’s. Been a long time since I’ve eaten there. I missed it. Big
time. Those breadsticks!!! Yummy. I’m hungry writing this. Maybe I’ll
grab some Fazoli’s. Have to see. Once I got home me and Adam played
Dance Dance Revolutions. It had been an extremely long time since I’ve
played that. Adam wasn’t doing as good as he did months and years ago!!
But as we kept playing it got easier. Not the jumping but I didn’t do
as bad as I thought I would.

I woke up butt early to go to church. I didn’t know if the choir was
going to sing so I wanted to get there early to practice but as it
turns out we didn’t sing so I got there early for nothing.
Anywho……service was good. Went home and then I went to pick up
Danielle for the Southern Women’s Show. What a blast that was!!!
Hundreds of people there! Had sooo much fun. I can’t wait for next
year! At the end of the day it looked like they were going to have a
fashion show so we found some seats and sat down. A few minutes later
the MC starts talking about this camp about for burn victims and then a
fireman comes out!!! Oh yeah. All the firemen that came out were really
strippers(Not really!!! But they could’ve been.). They were all taking
off their clothes and dancing around!! It was hilarious!! I was having
a great time. I gave some money!! What was that guys name Danielle???

that I went home and found mom, dad, Candace, Paul and Cheryl Fuhrman
standing in our driveway and there’s cop cars at the Fuhrmans house.
I’m like what happened?? Turns out some guys were parked in the grass
on the side of their house so dad called Paul and Paul told him to call
the cops. So he did; Paul and Cheryl came over but as they came the car
pulled away. But they found it on the same street, just on the other
side. So the cop went over and talked to them. Nothing really came of
it. So after all that excitement Candace and I went to Halloween Horror
Nights. That’s where the beginning of this story starts.

on to Monday; I went to bible study. Last week I said how much of an
outcast I felt like, well this week was much better. Everyone kind of
talked. One person wasn’t there and that was good. Everyone really
pitched in and gave input. It was nice. We talked about the story of
Jesus talking to the Samritan woman at the well. Pretty easy story.
Still though it seems like I know more about it than anyone else. I
don’t want to sound like a snob but that’s what that sounds like!! I’m
not a snob. But I don’t understand why I’m the smart one because we all
know I’m not the smart one! Anywho…. good times. Got home and watched
some tv and went to beddy bye poo. Woke up this morning at eight and
laid in bed for awhile before I got up. I’m gonna go so I LOVE YOU ALL


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  1. Glad that bible study went better this week. I want to go to the Bill and Ted show it was so funny last year. Well better get going I get to go pick up Josh up here in a few min.

  2. Yep His name was Dallas. How I will ever forget about that I do not know. I definetly look foward to it next year! I hope you are having an awesome day I will catch up with you tomorrow, by the way do you still have the nuber to that plavce on 192 for the reception?

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