I’ve been to Hall Halloween Horror Nights four nights now. So these quotes come from there:

“We’ve got lovely lady lumps!”
“I just came here to dance!”
“We used to be dude’s.”   
“Kit, where are you?”
“Haven’t you ever heard of WD-40 you little green @!&*!^%!”
“Up, up and I’m gay!!”
“I’m sailing away!!”

Ok, so like I said, theses are all from Halloween Horror Nights. From the show. The Bill and Ted’s Halloween Adventure. Hilarious!!!! If you don’t believe me you can ask Andria; she’s been there too. So funny stuff. I’m going again tomorrow night. Oh yeah!! Snootchy Bootchy.

Adam went with us and he had hurt his knee so we rented a wheelchair. Got through the houses with some issues. There was this one and almost at the end this “scary guy” stood in our way. I was like your in our way! He didn’t move!! So I said again “your still in our way!” He finally moved a little bit. But not a lot. Anywho….. had a good time. Ithink we all did. Were going to rent one everytime just so we can get in the show earlier. I love you ALL


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  1. yeah it was good. I was telling nick all of the quotes you wrote and we were laughing cuz we remember them.especially the up up and im gay! We were laughing for days about the gay superman. newayz what kinda pass discount did you get?

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